ELECTION LETTERS: John Hayes is the voice for everyone

It's the General Election this Thursday
It's the General Election this Thursday
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In praising John Hayes’ amazing track record, Allan Beal speaks for many local people. In marked contrast to Jennie Thomas, who speaks for few, if any, when rather conveniently she overlooks the fact that, as is well known, his past personal experience drives John to be a very effective champion for those with greatest need.

John Hayes lives with his family in the constituency he stands to represent. Relying on the same local services that we all do equips him with the insight to champion the interests of our community as a whole.

Twenty years of excellent service are testimony to this. John Hayes is the voice of young people; he led the huge boost in apprenticeships which are spreading opportunities for millions.

John is the voice of children with special needs and their families; he has fought for the defence of special schools from Foxwood in Nottinghamshire more than 20 years ago to the Garth School in Spalding as our MP.

John is the voice of pensioners; he voted in Parliament to guarantee year-on-year increases in state pensions.

John is the voice of patients; he both worked with campaigners of all political persuasions to make sure that the new Johnson Hospital was built in Spalding and is now fighting for more services to be delivered there.

John is the voice of farmers and growers; as a minister, he pushed successfully for the introduction of the Groceries Code, making sure that they get a fair price for what they produce.

John is the voice of those of lower incomes; he voted in Parliament to free thousands of less well-off people from income tax.

John is the voice of the countryside; he pioneered new powers for communities to resist unwanted developments, seeing off threatened huge solar panel developments and forests of massive wind turbines which would have dominated our flat Fenlands.

John is the voice of small businesses; he is fighting for the shopkeepers of Long Sutton and elsewhere who will be affected by rate revaluation and has already taken their case to the top of Government.

Increased support for John Hayes in every election since 1997 shows him to be not only the people’s voice but also, very clearly, the people’s choice. He speaks up for his constituents without fear or favour and I hope that he will be our voice in Parliament for years to come.