ELECTION LETTERS: A quick summary of our policies

It's the General Election this Thursday
It's the General Election this Thursday
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I feel it necessary to respond to Craig Jackson’s endorsement of Mr Hayes. Whilst I recognise the democratic decision to vote to leave the European Union, I do not consider Theresa May is adequately equipped to handle the Brexit negotiations.

This has been made abundantly clear by her stark refusal to enter into a face to face live debate against Jeremy Corbyn and her dreadful performance when questioned by Jeremy Paxman. Conversely, Mr Corbyn performed well despite Paxman’s rude, aggressive attitude.

A vote for Mr Hayes could result in a Conservative government with the inept May attempting to negotiate our future with skilled, experienced and erudite counterparts from the European Union.

I would also like to remind your readers of the empty promises made by the Brexit camp prior to the referendum and would ask that they also make note of the major U-turns Theresa May has made in her short spell as unelected Prime Minister before they decide whether or not to vote in another five years of Tory austerity by electing Mr Hayes.

It is apparent from some of the hate I have received while campaigning that your readers are not familiar with our policies.

Here’s a quick summary:-

1 – Economy – we will introduce a fair tax system and we will spend £250 billion over the next 10 years healing the damage created by the failed Tory austerity policies

2 – Elderly care: we guarantee the triple lock pension scheme, winter fuel payments, free bus passes.

3 – NHS: we will spend £37 billion.

4 – Disability: we will reverse the dreadful Tory welfare sanctions and set up a National Care Service, increasing the social care budget as well as increasing carer’s allowance.

5 – Education: we will ensure free education for all, free school meals, free university education and reintroduce grants.

6 – Foreign policy: our focus will be on diplomacy, in line with findings in the Chilcott report and because the “war on terror” has not improved our safety.

7 – Equality: we will robustly address LGBT issues, ensure equal rights for all.

8 – Housing: we will build one million homes, of which half will be for social housing. We will ensure that rented property is of a suitable standard and offer interest-free loans for home improvements. We have also pledged to end rough sleeping by the end of our term.

9 – Animal welfare: we will increase the maximum sentence for animal cruelty, maintain the ban on fox hunting, hare coursing and deer hunting. We will introduce a total ban on ivory trading.

10 – Work: we will increase the minimum wage to £10 per hour for all workers over 18, ban zero hours contracts and unpaid internships. We will also introduce four new bank holidays.

11 – Transport: we will prioritise public service over private transport, link HS2 to a “Crossrail of the North”. We will also upgrade our National Cycle network

Our manifesto has been clearly costed by our party and we are not “plucking money from thin air” as suggested by some of your readers.