ELECTION LETTER: Your vote will make a difference

It's the General Election this Thursday
It's the General Election this Thursday
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With the general election almost upon us, it is vital what is at stake for the next five years and beyond.

I work in the auto industries sector and I will be voting for a future for manufacturing jobs as I feel Labour are committed to working for the UK’s manufacturing industries.

Labour is committed to an industrial strategy that invests in apprenticeships and skills, which looks at the long term to generate the decent , secure jobs people want and their children need in the future. Also ensuring that we have an economy that works for the many, not just the few.

Labour is committed to use procurement to upgrade our economy, support strategic industries, create decent local jobs and reduce inequality. Labour will support UK supply chains by targeting government support where there are gaps.

Labour will deliver a National Transformation Fund that will invest £250 billion over ten years in infrastructure and upgrading our economy.

Also we need to negotiate a new deal with Europe that puts jobs and the economy first – remaining in the single market and customs union to protect jobs and investment.

Thursday, June 8 will be a crucial day for every manufacturing worker in the UK. For future investment, sustainable growth and decent jobs. Delivering a fairer, more prosperous society for the many, not just the few. There can only be one choice – on June 8, Vote Labour.