ELECTION: I’ll pay close scrutiny

David Turp
David Turp
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May I congratulate councillors’ Avery, Slade and Sneath on their re-election. I know they worked hard to achieve their results. Well done.

I, like Doug Dickens, campaigned on my own without the resources and support that gave the Conservative and Ukip candidates an advantage.

I’m grateful, however, for the oxygen of publicity I gained when the above councillors responded to my comments about their involvement with the church magazine.

It gave me the opportunity to promote my main message; that I’m opposed to squandering taxpayers’ money in any way, shape, or form at any level of government.

Thanks to their overreaction, I managed to get these views across in all the local papers on a regular basis.

Secondly, those who heard my most recent radio broadcast know about my concerns regarding the ongoing litter problem.

My ideas and policies for tackling this now universal problem are that it should be suppressed and tackled more vigorously on principle.

Whether or not the ‘powers that be’ are willing to listen, or whether they have their own agenda on this matter, I can only guess.

I also got plenty of publicity for my views about the restoration of the Johnson Hospital bus route and, by the way, an assurance from MP John Hayes that he will take up the case.

So all in all, I’ve no regrets about my part in the district elections on behalf of folks in Pinchbeck and Surfleet and I’m proud of my modest contribution to the democratic process.

I even hold the hope that some might be grateful for my participation, given that it was largely an unassisted one-man effort.

I was disappointed after reading one of the Pinchbeck councillor’s somewhat patronising ‘thank you letter’ in last weeks Spalding Guardian.

In my opinion, this was designed to impress only those people who voted for them and failed to reach out to those who didn’t.

Be assured, my aim is to give those elected my close scrutiny now and always.

My wish for the future is that younger and better people with conviction and good ideas take up the challenge of serving it in the future.