ELECTION 2017: No progress for Liberal Democrats

Julia Cambridge and her team
Julia Cambridge and her team
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It was a disappointing night for the Liberal Democrats in the South Holland and the Deepings constituency.

In 2015 George Smid finished last out of five with 1,466 votes and although candidate Julia Cambridge finished fourth out of six this time, their vote went down to 1,433.

Ms Cambridge told those gathered at Springfields Exhibition Centre in Spalding: “Big congratulations to John (Hayes), who I know will carry on the work he has done for many years for the community here.”

“I don’t know at the end of this who is going to be in government but what I will say is that just over a year ago I was made disabled and I was (temporarily) paralysed and in a wheelchair, and whoever forms the government and whoever is actually in it, I would say to them, please, please look out for disabled rights, for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) rights, the vulnerable and the poor.”