ELECTION 2017: Lots of walking but not so many votes for Greens

Dan Wilshire and the Green team
Dan Wilshire and the Green team
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Green Party candidate Dan Wilshire’s share of the vote dropped from his showing in the 2015 election.

He received 894 votes this time, coming in fifth out of six candidates. Last time out he had received 1,580 votes.

The young politician gave the shortest speech of the evening at Springfields Exhibition Centre, simply saying: “The Green dream is still alive and I’ll be back next time... and now it’s time for bed.”

Earlier in the morning he had told me how he had walked 90 miles in ten days delivering election leaflets, and 25 miles on Wednesday alone. “We had no funds to send them out so it was the only way,” he said.

“I even had my parents and my grandma helping.”

• UKIP’s Nicola Jane Smith (2,185 votes) and Independent candidate Rick Stringer (342 votes) did not turn up for the count and declaration.