Edwards listened as Markham slaughtered her mum and sister

Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards
Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards
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Besotted schoolkids Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham plotted to kill her mother and sister, then kill themselves with booze and pills, but changed their minds.

Kim Edwards and her schoolboy lover, Lucas Markham, both 15, carefully plotted the slaying of her mother, Elizabeth, 49, and sister, Katie, just 13.

Edwards believed her mother favoured her younger sister over her and Markham stole into the family home in Spalding and cut their throats as Edwards listened.

The teen lovers then took a bath together, drank and had sex and watched Twilight movies for 36 hours with the bodies still in the house.

Jailing both of them for life at Nottingham Crown Court in October last year, a judge said the case had “few paralells in modern criminal history”.

They were each ordered to serve a minimum of 20 years behind bars before they could apply for parole.

Because of their youth, the killers could not be named until today when judge, Sir Brian Leveson, lifted reporting restrictions.

Sir Brian, sitting at the Court of Appeal in London, ruled that, despite thier youth, the public interested demanded that they be identified.

The judge, sitting with Mr Justice Blake and Mr Jusice Lewis, went on to reduce the pair’s minimum terms to 17-and-a-half years.

Edwards and Markham had been at school together and the besotted pair “became obsessed with discussing suicide”, said Sir Brian.

Both were deeply unhappy at home and Edwards held a grudge against her mother and resented her relationship with Katie.

They had tried to run away together in the past and, over the weekend before the killings, barricaded themselves in Markham’s bedroom.

Both their rooms were cleared out by their long-suffering families and the pair began to discuss murder.

Markham was armed with a selection of knives when Edwards let him into her home through the bathroom window in April last year.

Edwards decided that she couldn’t kill her sister herself, so it was agreed between them that Markham would kill both mother and daughter.

They planned to stab them in their voice boxes to ensure they could not cry out.

Sir Brian said: “Whilst Kim Edwards stayed in the bathroom, Lucas Markham went into the mother’s bedroom and stabbed her in the throat.

“For part of the time, he pinned the mother down on the bed, kneeling astride her.

“Kim Edwards was able to hear sounds of her mother struggling and gurgling while the killing took place.

“She went into the bedroom and saw Lucas Markham with a pillow over her mother’s head”.

With blood spatters on the wall, Markham checked Mrs Edwards’ pulse to make sure she was dead.

After he slaughtered Katie as well, the pair put a sheet over her face “as Kim Edwards did not like the smell of blood”.

The judge added: “Over the course of the next 36 hours, they watched Twilight films, had sex, and set out drink from the shed on the kitchen table.

“They later explained that they had intended to kill themselves with alcohol and pills but did not, in the end, attempt to do so”.

Police discovered the bodies days later after forcing entry to the house and, when interviewed, Markham replied simply, “f**k life”.

Sir Brian ruled that, despite their youth, allowing the pair to be identified in reports of the case was “a reasonable and proportionate measure”.

It properly balanced the public interest and freedom of expression rights against the welfare of the two killers.

Cutting the pair’s minimum terms, Sir Brian ruled that they had not been given enough credit for the admissions they made to police.