Young cooks from Long Sutton’s Peele Community College pass on their skills

Jamie's home cooking course ANL-150630-101226001
Jamie's home cooking course ANL-150630-101226001
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Year 9 students at the Peele Community College in Long Sutton have taken their cooking skills one step further.

The Jamie’s Home Cooking course they have followed is designed to give the students the skills to cook independently at home, and prepare them for independent living. 

But the college decided to take that one step further and felt that this group had been so successful this year, they now had the skills to teach others how to cook.

Working with pupils from the nearby Rainbow Nursery seemed to be an ideal opportunity for the students to practice their teaching skills and both sets of students took a great deal out of the session.

Mandy Walton, from the nursery, said: “The children were very excited about coming into big school, when we got back to nursery they told the other children what they had made and when their parents came in the first thing they said was ‘we’ve made pizzas with the big children .’

“They were all very proud of what they had made and the next day they told us they had had them for tea at home. They said they were delicious.”


Learning day is a super day at the Peele school