Top ten make grade at Spalding Grammar School

Spalding Grammar School GCSE students 'James Payne, Isaac Graves, Tom Igoe and Bob Pratt. 'Photo:  SG220813-113TW
Spalding Grammar School GCSE students 'James Payne, Isaac Graves, Tom Igoe and Bob Pratt. 'Photo: SG220813-113TW
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Nerves were finally settled for students at Spalding Grammar School as GCSE results day brought joy and relief in equal measure.

Students and staff celebrated some outstanding successes, especially in science subjects where more than 60 per cent of grades were either A* or A in biology, chemistry and physics.

A similar upward trend was shown in maths, with 53 per cent of students gaining A* or A grades, but last year’s controversy over English marking looks set to be repeated after the school confirmed that it will be asking examiners to look at a number of results again.

But even that couldn’t take away the smile from headmaster Nigel Ryan who claimed that the hard work of both students and staff had been “justly rewarded.”

He said: “The results are an improvement on last year, especially with science grades where students have produced some outstanding As and A*s.

“Yet again the hard work of both students and staff has been justly rewarded, but we are still not happy with the English results which once again shows inconsistency and we’re going to investigate that with the exam board.

“We’re losing confidence in the way English papers are being marked and we’re requesting that some are re-marked to try and get justice for our students where we can.”

The school produced its top ten of successful students, headed by Jordan Whitwell-Mak who gained nine A*s, three As and a B.

Alfie Butler and Alex Dormer created their own GCSE dead heat when both achieved seven A*s and six As, with Edward White almost joining them with seven A*s, five As and a B.

Joseph Kirkwood (16) of Donington was another student who collected a dazzling results paper showing five A*s in Biology, Chemistry, French, German and Physics, six As and two Bs.

He said: “I’m very pleased about the science and language grades because I didn’t expect to get those and that’s what I want to do in the future.

“I’m going out for a meal to celebrate with my parents who are very excited for me.”

Harrison Hall (16) of Spalding, who gained an A* in maths as well as five As, six Bs and a C, said: “I’m really pleased with my results because I didn’t think I did as well as I have and I was dreading the day I’d get them.”