They’re seeing ‘stars’ at High School

Students in high spirits after picking up their results at Spalding High School. Photo: S180811-124TW
Students in high spirits after picking up their results at Spalding High School. Photo: S180811-124TW
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SPALDING High School is celebrating with around 30 per cent of its 400 A-level exams passed either at A* or A.

SPALDING High School is celebrating with around 30 per cent of its 400 A-level exams passed either at A* or A.

Ten per cent of all exams were passed at A* and four of those were earned by top performer, Jasmin Congreve, who added a further A to her outstanding grades.

High-flyers included Francesca Ralph, with three A*s and an A, Kathryn Crawt and Jenni Mills, each with two A*s and two As, and Shareen Yusuf, with two A*s and an A.

Headmaster Tim Clark said the results revealed an ongoing improvement at the school and were significantly better than the target set for the year group.

The overall pass rate was 99.75 per cent.

Mr Clark said: “We are very pleased. They have been an excellent year group and they have worked very hard.

“They have got what they deserve and it’s tremendous.”

As pupils received their results, the school had a dedicated team working hard to help students who had either exceeded their university offers or failed to reach them.

Pupils with better than expected results can seek out a better university course and those who don’t match their offer are given an opportunity to find another college.

Rally car fan Jasmin Congreve (18), of Gedney Hill, is heading to Christ College, Cambridge, to study engineering after collecting her four A*s in biology, maths, physics and chemistry.

She said: “I didn’t know what to expect. I am really glad. I have always been interested in science and maths and I compete in 12 car rallies. I thought I would combine all my hobbies and my skills.”

Francesca Ralph (18), from Market Deeping, gained her three A*s in art, biology and history.

She had planned to do an art degree foundation course at Stamford College but was having second thoughts after picking up such outstanding results.

Francesca said: “Everyone is now telling me I should be applying for Oxford or something.”

Former George Farmer pupil Lewis Putman (18), of Whaplode, switched from the Holbeach school to Spalding High for A-levels and collected three Cs.

He said: “It was better than I expected if I am honest.”

Lewis has landed a job at a shop in Spalding and has signed up with the Special Constabularly with the hope of one day joining the police force.

Rebecca Navarrete (18) only needed two Cs to join the Army or the RAF and beat the offer.

She’s applied to join both services but with vastly different careers – she will be a medical officer if accepted by the Army or work in aero space battle management if accepted by the RAF.

An A and three Bs will carry Harriet Edwards, from Crowland, to Lancaster to study geography.

Proud mum Julia said: “I am a single mum and I brought her up from day one on my own. Single mums always get such a bad press.”

She was delighted Harriet had landed a university place before next year’s huge hike in tuition fees and said “we will manage somehow”.

Rosie Day (18), from Crowland, collected two A*s for art and textiles and is off to Stamford for a foundation degree in art. She also gained a B in English literature and a C in general studies. Rosie said: “I expected an A not an A* star in textiles.”


Key: AD – art and design, AI - applied ICT, B – biology, BS- business studies, C - chemistry, CC - classical civilisation, D - drama, DTR - design technology (resistant materials), DTT- design technology (textiles), E- English literature, EN - English, F – French, FT - food technology, FM - further maths, G – geography, GR – German, GP government and politics, GS - general studies, H - history, L - Latin, LA - law, M – maths, MU – music, P – physics, PE - physical education, PS - psychology, RS - religious studies, SO – sociology, SP – Spanish.

* denotes grades A-C

** denotes grade A*

A-LEVELS: Aviyah Abrahams H* RS* S* GS; Maxine Agyemang AD** BS* M GS*; Chloe Allen B* C* PS** GS*; Katy Anderson B* G* H* GS*; Alex Avery BS* H* PS GS*; Chloe-Rose Bell B* PS* RS* GS*; Emily Benton BS* DTT* S* GS*; Ella Berry B* E* PS GS*; Hannah Bigley AD** DTR* E* GS*; Catherine Boreham GR PS* RS GS; Stephanie Boreham GP RS* S* GS*; Emily Bouch BS* DTT* GS*; Rysian Boyall B C M* GS; Nastasha Boyce AD** BS E* GS*; Adria Brandon E* G* H* GS*; Katie Browne B* E* H* GS*; Sapheron Bunn D* E* GS*; Jade Butler BS E GP; Jack Carling GP* H* S** GS*; Hannah Chapman GR* H* PS* GS*; Meera Chauhan B* C* M* GS*; Katie ClarK D* E* PS GS; Rachel Clayton E* PS* RS* GS*; Alex Clements B* C* PS* GS*; Jade Cole F* M* SP* GS*; Jasmin Congreve B** C** M** P** GS*; Alice Cook B* M* PS* GS; Sophia Cook AI* BS* M* GS; Kathryn Crawt E** H** RS* GS*; Georgina Crouch DTR* PS* RS* GS*; Hannah Dade BS* DTT* PS* GS*; Rosie Day AD** DTT** E* GS*; Curtis Dorbon AI* BS* DTR* GS*; Samantha Dudbridge FM M* P* GS*; Afrose Dungarwalla AI* B* C* GS; Greg East C* FM* M* GS*; Harriet Edwards E* G* GP* GS*; Annabel Faulkner G* H* M* GS*; Karoline Fawcett BS PS S* GS; Rebecca Fry F* G** M* GS*; Philippa Gamble E* F* GR* GS*; Nadine Garland B* C* M* S*; Sarah Garner F* M** SP* GS*; Emma Gibbs B* E* H* GS*; Emily Gills AD* DTT*; Cassandra Glass E* PE PS; Rhian Goodge B* M* PE* GS; Meg Harrington BS* E* PS*; India Hatton CC* D* RS* GS; Natalie Hebblewhite B* PS* RS* GS; Daisy Hedaux D* E* PS* GS*; Charlotte Henderson AD** DTT H GS; Amber Henry D* E* H GS*; Liberty Henry H RS S* GS*; Sacha Hornsby B PS* S* GS*; Jessica Hudson E* G PE* GS*; Francesca Hutchings BS FT* G*; Jenny Huynh E* GP* H** GS; Jasmine Jinks BS* H S*; Alysha Johnson DTR* M* P; Hannah-Venetia Jones D* GP* H* GS*; Rebecca Jones B* E* PS* GS*; Abigail Keating E* PS RS GS; Edward Lattimore BS* PE** PS* GS*; Clowance Lawton B* E* H* GS*; Lucinda Layton-Hannam BS* F* G* GS; Olivia Lefley E* G* H* GS*; Alice Lister B* E** H* GS*; Lisa Mansfield E* M P GS; Jessica Martin AI* E PS GS; Georgia Maycock D* E* H* GS*; Jennifer Mills GP** H* RS* GS**; Hannah Morley BS* FT* G* GS; Bethia Morris B* E* PS* GS*; Lauren Munden B* C* PS* GS*; Beki Navarrete DTR* M* GS; Rebecca Neish B H GS*; Maha Noor B* C* PS* GS*; Suzy Paddison DTR* D* PS* GS*; Karla Patman AD* PS* RS* GS; Lucy Penney BS FT* PE* GS; Kerry Peppercorn B* C* M* GS*; Hannah Pettit B* PS* GS*; Melissa Podro E* PS* RS* GS*; Ellie-May Pooley E PS S* GS*; Lewis Putman BS* G* GS; Eloise Quince B** C* E* GS*; Eilish Quinn B* H* M* GS*; Francesca Ralph AD** B** H** GS*; Ann-Marie Richardson E* PS* RS* GS**; Liam Richardson E* GP* H* GS*; Lauren Roberts BS* FM* M* P GS*; Charlotte Sage-Teahon BS* M* GS; Ellen Salmon AD** B PS* GS; Jack Satchell AI* M* PS* GS*; Alice Shale B** C** P* GS*; Jessica Smalley B* C* M* GS**; Charlotte Smith E** H* MU* GS*; Gabrielle Smith FT* PS* S** GS*; Frank Sokol M* PS* S* GS; Georgia Sprake E* PS* RS GS; Catherine Stanley BS* GR* SP* GS*; Bethany Stinson D E* RS* GS; Allan Taylor AD** M* PS* GS*; Charlotte Taylor B M* S* GS; Kayleigh-Jayne Taylor B M* S* GS; Megan Taylor E H S*; Charlotte Temple AD** B* PS* GS; Chantel Thompson G* RS* S* GS*; Lisa Thorpe AI* BS* PS* GS; Amy Tinn E FT* PE*; Carla Town F MU* GS; Emma Valentine E** GR* PS* GS*; Annie Van Spyk CC* E* H*; Amy Vertannes E FT* PS; Holly Walker C* GP M* GS*; Alex Walsham BS F* SP*; Rebecca Wayman AI* BS PS* GS*; Zoe Wells B BS S* GS; Chelsea Wilshire G RS* S* GS*; Amelia Winch B* BS G*; Laura Windsor GP* H* S* GS; Charlie Wing C* FM* M** P* GS; Hayley Wise E* H** PS* GS*; Sami Yusuf CC* E* RS* GS*; Shareen Yusuf AD** FM* M** P GS.

AS-LEVELS: Wilma Allen GS* FT S*; Chris Avery GS LA S; Blessy Babu GS PS* M* B* C*; Jessica Bagg GS* E* M* H*; Heather Baker GS* PS* B* D* H*; Kathryn Baker GS* RS* B* C H*; Stephanie Beavis GS* E* PE* M* B*; Kathrine Bell GS* PE B*; Joanne Bergmann GS PS RS* BS* H*; Ollie Blagbrough-Garbett S MU; Sarah Blom GS* G* M* B*; Sarah Bradford GS PS* BS* D* H; Julia Bradley GS* B* CC* EN H*; Alice Braybrook GS* G* GP* M* H*; Lauren Bristow GS G* M BS* DTT*; Jess Brown GS* GP LA; Philippa Brown GS* PS EN H* S*; Sherilyn Bunn GS* RS* B* C GR*; Caitlin Cartwright GS PS C P; Netanya Cassar GS PS AD* EN S*; Keziah Cawkwell GS* CC* EN H* L*; Tom Chamberlain GS* G* M* C*; Daniel Chapman GS* GP* EN H* LA*; Tom Chapman GS PE PS B*; Josie Clifton GS PS* DT* EN MU*; Hebe Collison GS PS RS B* S*; Mia Conroy AI AD* BS* ; Rebecca Cope M B C DTT*; Samantha Croxford GS AI* PS* B* EN; Matthew Crutchley GS PS B BS*; Charlotte Davey GS PS CC* EN*; Leisha De Vere GS AI* G* PS; Megan Dix GS* PS* M* B* S*; Caroline Dormor GS* AD* EN* F* GR*; Yasmin Dungarwalla GS* G* B EN; Emily Eades-Willis GS* PS* H* LA* S*; Olivia Elsey GS G* PS* M*; Clara Fennessy GS* F* GR* H* L*; Philip Ford GS PE M* B P; Domenique Fragale GS* PS CC* D* EN*; Louise Fuller GS* PS* B* H* SP*; Hannah Futter GS* G* B* EN* S*; Becca Gent GS AI* PS BS; Zoe Gladden GS PS* M GR* S*; Libby Goult GS* RS* EN* GR* H*; Jasmin Gray GS* B* EN* GR* H*; Hannah Green GP* CC* H* LA*; Alice Haley GS* RS* D* GR* SP*; Molly Harper GS PS* RS* EN* H*; Penelope Harrall PS AD* EN MU*; Alice Harrington BS EN S*; Eleanor Harrison GS* M* C* H* LA*; Alisha Hassan GS RS* DTT* EN* H*; Jordan Henry GS PS EN H* S*; Katie Howatson GS* G* M* B*; Kate Hutchinson GS* G* GP* GR* H*; Abbie Ivatt GS AI* AD* BS; Chloe Jaynes GS* CC* D* DTR* EN*; Samantha Jenkins GS* M* B* C* P; Holly Johnson LA S; Charlotte Jones GS* CC* EN* GR* H*; Catarina Jordao GS AD* BS* DTT* EN; Kerena Khela GS GP EN S*; Becky Kierman GS PE* B* C* P; Manon Kinchin GS* PS* EN H* P; Holly King GS* PS B S*; Melissa Knight GS* AI* G* EN S*; Zoe Lane GS* GP* H* L*; Kerstin Lankey GS* M* DTR*; Georgia Lazell GS M BS* D* GR; Oli Lea GS* M* B* C* P; Sam Lewis GS GP LA S*: Victoria Lott GS PS* GP CC* EN*; Henry Louis GS* G* GP* EN* H*; Bethany Lunn GS RS* M* B* C; Rosie Manning GS M* B* C*; Nicholle Marchetti GS* M* B* C*; Dominique Mason GS* M* B* BS* C*; Hannah Massey GS B* BS* FT* S*; Rebecca Mews GS G RS* EN S*; Emily Murray GS* PS D* H MU*; Ashlie Naylor GS AD* DTT S; Katherine New GS* RS* GP* CC* EN*; Ben Oldfield GS* PS* RS* CC* H; Natalie Pailing GS* RS* D* DTT EN; Holly Pickering GS* G* M* B* C; Rosie Pratt GS* M* AD* EN* P*; Lauren Rate GS* G* B BS* S*; Hannah Rayner GS RS* EN S* SP*; Jade Rigby GS* PS* EN* H* LA*; Emily Rowe RS* CC* EN* H*; Laura Santry GS* RS* AD* EN* S*; Sarah-Jane Sewell GS* G* GP* EN FT*; Charlotte Shores GS PS RS* BS* FT*; Joanne Shuttlewood GS PS* RS B* BS*; Alicia Smart GS PS* RS* GP* H*; Bethany Smith GS PS RS* H S*; Kate Stannard GS* PS EN GR H*; Sophie Steels GS* PS FT* GR H*; Beth Stephenson GS* GP* EN H S*; Naomi Sterling GS* AD* DTT* EN* H*; Megan Stray GS* G* M* GR* H*; Rebecca Sullivan GS* PS B EN LA*; Alistair Summers GS AI BS* EN* LA*; Ann-Marie Talton GS* G* M* BS* DTR*; Charlotte Taylor GS* PE* M* B*; Alice Thackery GS M* B* BS* S*; Lauren Thompson GS PS BS* FT H; Louisa Thorold GS* PS RS* EN H; Alicia Tibbs RS M* D* P; Leanne Tompkins GS* B* H; Jessica Tunnard GS* M* B* BS* C*; Natalie Tyner GS* D* EN* H* SP; James Urry GS* M* B* C*; Hamish Vadher GS PS* BS EN LA*; Natasha Viglianti GS* M* AD* GR P; Hannah Wakefield GS* RS* B* C H*; Michael Wardell GS* G* C DTR (A2); Amy Wells GS* PE* PS* B* C*; Sarah Wheatley GS* RS* GP* EN H*; Holly Whitaker GS* E* PS* B* MU*; Jasmin White GS* AD* DTR* EN H*; Danielle Wilks GS* PS* B* GR S*; Keira Williamson GS* M* B* C GR*; Cheryl Wilson GS PE* PS M* P; Jade Worth GS PS* RS* EN GR; Anusha Young GS* GP* EN* H* S*; Laura Young GS* RS* CC* EN H*; Nicola Zeferino AI BS* S*;