The High Life: We meet Tim’s space team – the students’ take on life at Spalding High School

Students enjoying their 'I'm an Astronaut' session at Spalding High School.
Students enjoying their 'I'm an Astronaut' session at Spalding High School.
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I’m An Astronaut ... Get Me Out Of Here was a thrilling opportunity, as representative students from each form in Spalding High School were able to put forward questions to five scientists working to help Tim Peake become the first British person on the International Space Station.

Organised for the school by Mrs Haunch, a physics teacher, it was a national event in which only 12 schools were chosen to take part.

Posing questions to the scientists in the 30-minute session via an internet chat, students could learn more about space life and its practicalities from scientists who included a biologist, a camera designer and a medic who is currently living in Antarctica to explore the effects of space on humans both mentally and physically.

Asking questions such as the possibility of long-term human civilisations on Mars and the effects of gravity on plants, the pupils discovered many facts and delved into thought-provoking debates, for example that of the cost of space travel and its priority in research over areas such as cancer treatment.

Talking to real scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) gave the students a great insight into the career and engaged them in the possibilities of space travel.

Perhaps the most touching moment was when, on finding that one of the houses of Spalding High School is named after Helen Sharman, the first Briton to go to space, (and the others after equally inspirational women), one scientist told students that she would personally notify Helen Sharman of this fact.

Following this engaging opportunity, students will be able to vote for their favourite scientist and, if chosen, the school will have the opportunity to do a live video chat with Tim Peake himself.

Thursday, October 8, brought a plethora of experiences for the Product Design and Food Tech GCSE students as they visited the Victoria and Albert Museum and Morrisons, respectively.

Having recently begun their GCSEs in said subjects, it was an enthralling opportunity for students to engage in the practical applications of their classwork, from the development of recipes to be suitable for mass production in a supermarket, to the strengths and weaknesses of using particular materials for buildings and smaller, more intricate objects.

Overall, a wonderful day was had and the opportunity has paved the way to a deeper understanding of the subjects for the students.