Teaching kids to be lifesavers

Weston Hills School group ANL-151205-105935001
Weston Hills School group ANL-151205-105935001
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Twenty-five schools in Lincolnshire will be tuning into the biggest First Aid lesson ever to give their pupils the chance to learn vital skills that could save lives.

The nation’s leading First Aid charity is calling on more schools in the region to join the Big First Aid Lesson, which will be hosted by TV presenter Claudia Winkleman on Friday, June 12.

So far, the lesson will be educating over 85,000 pupils up and down the country, already exceeding St John Ambulance’s original target of 50,000.

The lesson is a free, one hour, online First Aid training session filmed live and streamed directly into classrooms across Lincolnshire.

It combines training and 999 scenarios with real life stories, as well as plenty of opportunities for students to join the conversation via Google Hangouts.

Donna Upsall, a teacher at Weston Hills Primary, said: “We have signed up because we think it is a fantastic chance for the children to learn about First Aid at a young age, in a safe environment, with their peers.

“To have an early interest in First Aid will hopefully inspire them as they grow up to continue this skill. Also, there may always be the chance that this little bit of knowledge will help them in the near future to help somebody who is hurt without panicking.

“It is often in the news about how young children have helped a parent or sibling in their moment of need. To have such an opportunity in school for free cannot be missed in our opinion.”

The Big First Aid Lesson will teach students how to respond to emergencies, such as asthma attacks and head injuries, so they have the skills and confidence to be the difference between life and death.

The only equipment schools need to take part is an internet connection and a screen (such as an interactive whiteboard) for their pupils to watch in the classroom or during assembly.

For more information visit www.sja.org.uk/bigfirstaidlesson