Teacher told girl she was ‘fittest babe’

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A FORMER head of maths has been struck off the teaching register after sending “inappropriate” emails to a young girl at his school.

Daniel Redshaw, who taught at St Guthlac School, in Crowland, used a fake name when he sent the messages – one of which described her as the “fittest babe at school”, a disciplinary panel heard on Tuesday.

Redshaw, who was dismissed from the school in 2009, was found guilty by the General Teaching Council’s Professional Conduct Committee of “unacceptable professional conduct”.

The panel said that, on or around October 7, 2008, he approached the under-14 girl (referred to as Student A) and suggested they could spend some time together. On or around October 8, 2008, he asked her if she had looked at her emails and told her that he had sent emails to her under the name ‘Bob Smythe’.

Then, on or around October 10, 2008, he said to her “I guess I must try harder” and again asked if she had read his emails.

He again asked her about them on or around October 21, 2008, and told her that she should come up to him if she felt bored in a class because he wanted to see her.

The panel also found that he “made inappropriate use of school computer equipment” by using it to obtain the girl’s email address and send some of the emails to her.

Committee chairwoman Rosalind Burford said the committee had seen printouts of the emails which were sent to the girl including one from Redshaw’s wife’s laptop.

She said: “The content of the emails is clearly inappropriate, particularly phrases such as ‘will the hottest, well good looking (Student A) pretty plz let me have her number...’ and ‘(Student A) – the fittest (!!!) babe at school’.

Finding his conduct unacceptable, she said his behaviour had seriously affected Student A and that he had not provided any evidence of insight into his failings or expression of regret.

Afterwards, Steve Baragwanath, executive head of the Holbeach and Crowland Secondary Federation, which includes St Guthlac School, said: “I’m glad this has been resolved. It brings closure for the family and the youngster involved.”

He said the matter had initially been reported by the girl’s parents. The matter was dealt with by the school as quickly and as fully as possible.

The action against Redshaw means he is unable to return to a classroom for at least seven years.