Special visitors for West Pinchbeck school’s Safety Week

Fire engine visit

The youngest pupils at St Bartholomew’s Primary in West Pinchbeck enjoyed some special visitors during their first school term as part of a safety week topic.

Molsom’s Opticians explained that it is very important to look after your eyes and spoke to the children about what happens during an eye test.

Gist taught the children about road safety and how far away you have to stand from a lorry in order to be seen.

PC Pullen visits every year and provides the children with a question and answer session as well as letting them explore his protective weapons and look in the police car.

PCSO Sally visited and told the children about safe places to cross the road and the children enjoyed looking inside the back of her van.

Spalding firefighters let children look inside their fire 

Paramedic Trevor visited for the first time and spoke about the different jobs he does in order to help the community, and he let the children look inside the ambulance.

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