Sean (17) may have to quit college due to Government cutbacks

Dismayed: Boston College student Sean Laker (17)
Dismayed: Boston College student Sean Laker (17)
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A TEENAGER from Surfleet says he will have to quit his college course as a result of Government cuts – and says a culmination of measures are “ruining” the education of south Lincolnshire youngsters.

Sean Laker (17) is currently studying a computer course at Boston College but was devastated to hear that, due to a cut in the Lincolnshire County Council subsidy for college travel, the price of his bus pass would more than double for next year – rising from £170 to £390.

He said that, combined with the loss of his Education Maintenance Allowance and the decision to allow universities to hike their fees, has all but ended his dream of getting a computing degree.

He said: “I won’t be able to go to college next year.

“The Government said that when they made cutbacks they would continue to help education but they’re not helping it at all, they’re ruining it.

“I am getting fed up at what the Government is doing, it is not fair.

“Without an education to back you up, you have no way of getting a job.

“If the Government used its money for the most important things it would be able to afford the best for students these days.”

The former Robert Manning College student said he is one of a number of students at the college who were upset at the news of the rise in the price of the bus pass and they have started a petition against it.

He said: “The day our college found out about the increase we started a petition and hundreds signed it that day.

“This, to me, shows the strength of feeling among my friends and college students.”

Sean added that many youngsters feel that they are being made to bear the brunt of an economic problem that was not their making – and he has already started to review his career options.

He said: “The only thing that I am looking at at the moment is the RAF but they are possibly going to be cutting back there as well.”

The budget for subsidised college travel for young people was one of the casualties of Lincolnshire County Council’s recent budget settlement.

The council says that it is facing up to losing 28 per cent of the grant it receives from the Government – meaning it will have to find £125million in savings.