School ‘foolish’ for report re-appeal

Nicola Wilkinson, head of Quadring Primary School
Nicola Wilkinson, head of Quadring Primary School
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A HEADTEACHER has lodged a second appeal against an Ofsted report which rated her school “inadequate”.

Nicola Wilkinson, head of Quadring Cowley and Brown’s Primary School, describes the report, which gave the school a notice to improve, as “contradictory”.

The school was inspected in February and the subsequent report rated it inadequate overall, with its capacity for sustained improvement satisfactory.

In the Lincolnshire Free Press last week it was reported that the school had appealed the outcome. A number of parents contacted us to say that the school had already appealed and it was rejected.

It has now been revealed that this is the case, with Mrs Wilkinson appealing against the report as soon as it was released.

Ofsted rejected the appeal, saying the judgement was to stand.

A Lincolnshire County Council spokesman confirmed they are backing a re-appeal.

He said the school and county council strongly argue that the report does not accurately reflect the quality of education in the school.

He said: “Following an unsuccessful appeal in the first place, the council has agreed to re-appeal against the grading”.

Several parents have contacted the Lincolnshire Free Press to raise concerns about the school.

One parent, who has taken his children out of the school, said re-appealing against Ofsted’s judgement will make Mrs Wilkinson look foolish.

The man, who didn’t want to be named, said: “The first appeal was dismissed out of hand and appealing again is just making her look stupid.

“The school is failing and I lay the blame firmly at the headteacher’s door.”

It is claimed that around 20 children – about a fifth of those on roll – have been removed from school by parents in the last eight months.

The man added: “My children have had to have extra help at their new school to bring them to the standard they should be at.

“When we took their exercise books into the new school, the teachers were horrified at the lack of written work they had done.”

The parent claims that the governing body at Quadring does not challenge Mrs Wilkinson enough.

He said “The role of a governor is to support and challenge the headteacher but there is no challenge.

“The school is not being accountable.”

In a statement issued by the county council, Mrs Wilkinson said: “We very firmly believe that our school has and continues to make good progress – and that we can quickly prove that we are a good school.

“The school was rated ‘satisfactory’ in 2008 and ‘good’ after a 2009 subject inspection. A monitoring report last year said ‘pupils make good progress because teaching is now consistently good and demonstrates some outstanding features’. The current report says that ‘teaching has improved in Key Stage two and attainment is above average’.

“It also fully acknowledges that children arrive in line with age-expected levels and leave higher than county and national averages.

“We therefore believe this is contradictory to its ultimate judgement of ‘unsatisfactory progress’ and are consequently appealing.”