‘Relief and pride’ at Bourne Grammar School

A2 Level results at Bourne Grammar School - from left, Matt Ebbs, Megan Tooze, Fiona Engledow and Katie Smith'Photo: SM180811-005js
A2 Level results at Bourne Grammar School - from left, Matt Ebbs, Megan Tooze, Fiona Engledow and Katie Smith'Photo: SM180811-005js
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STUDENTS at Bourne Grammar School will be “relieved and proud” with their outstanding results in a year when competition for university places is expected to be more competitive than ever.

STUDENTS at Bourne Grammar School will be “relieved and proud” with their outstanding results in a year when competition for university places is expected to be more competitive than ever.

The school is celebrating a 99.7 per cent pass rate at A-level, with 25 students achieving all A* or A grades.

And 43 per cent of all A-level grades were A* or A – an improvement of ten per cent on the 2010 results and, by some way, the school’s best ever achievement.

Headteacher Jonathan Maddox said: “I am exceptionally proud of what our students have achieved this year.

“The Class of 2011 was a pleasure to have in school; the students were well-motivated and all worked very hard to achieve these splendid results.”

Four of the school’s A-level students earned all A* grades – prompting Mr Maddox to say it was a “fabulous achievement”.

Almost three-quarters of all grades achieved across the board were A*, A or B.

Mr Maddox said: “The average points score per examination entry was 103.6 – again a clear record for the school – meaning that the average grade achieved for each of the 348 A-level papers taken was better than B.

“These are record A-level results, by a wide margin, which leave our students in a very strong position as they chase places on the best university courses, where competition is now fierce.

“My warmest congratulations to every student and very best wishes to each for a happy and fulfilling future and, of course, for some well-deserved celebrations.”

The school’s success stories included 18-year-old Megan Tooze, of Tarragon Way, Bourne, whose results guaranteed her a place at her first choice university, The Royal Veterinary College in London.

Megan achieved a B in drama and two Cs in psychology and general studies. She will be attending a veterinary nurses course.

She said: “I’m quite chuffed and my parents are as well.”

Fiona Englebow (18), of West Road, Bourne, is over the moon to have achieved four A grades in history, psychology, English literature and in an extended psychology project. She will study psychology at the University of Exeter.

Fiona said: “I am so excited. I didn’t think I would get the grades. It was such a hard university offer to make and I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I am happy I did it.”

Musician Tom Didsbury, of Viking Way, Thurlby, will study music and commercial composition at Hertfordshire after achieving a B in maths and Cs in music and sports studies. He hopes to becoming a film and television composer.

He said: “I am quite pleased. It is a huge relief to know I am going to university.”

Laura Davis (18) of Lamport Way, Market Deeping, will study neuro science at the University of Leeds after achieving three A grades in biology, chemistry and maths.

She said: “I am ecstatic – I can’t believe it.”

But before she hits the books, Laura will be working with disadvantaged children in Romania with friends Alison Stainsby and Kayleigh Goodman.

RESULTS: KEY: A – art; B – biology, BS - business studies, C - chemistry, D - drama and theatre studies, DTF - design technology (food), DTR - design technology (3D product design), DTT- design technology (textiles), E - English language, EC - economics, EL - English literature, EXP - extended project, F – French, FM - further maths, G – geography, GR – German, GS - general studies, H - history, M – maths, MU – music, P – physics, PE - physical education, PS - psychology, RS - religious studies, SP – Spanish.

A-LEVELS: Philippa Adams B C CT PS; Jade Anderson A B F GS; William Anderson DTR GS M P; Claire Arch A D E; Wesley Arthur A C GS M; Oliver Aspinall B C M; Fiona Atha B GS H PS; Megan Avis A DTT RS; Lucy Bannister B DTT GS RS; Taryn Bell CT F H RS; Abigail Bellamy BS GS PE; Thomas Binns DTR M PE; Catherine Bond-Harris CT E EL RS; Rona Bradley D E EL; Thomas Bremner EL GS H PE; Adam Brooker C EC FM M; Tunyong Bryant G M P; Christopher Burr B C GS M; Daniel Caddell C G M; Laura Cameron A EL GS RS; Michael Clay B D H; Joseph Cleland C FM M P; Ruby-Mae Coulson D DTT E; Laura Davis B C M; Robyn Dempsey B BS C; Thomas Disbury M MU PE; Lauren Dilley D EL M; Madeleine Dymond D E EL; Matthew Ebbs D EL EXP F; Thomas Edis BS DTR GS M; Fiona Engledow EL EXP H PS; Holly Eustance E GS RS SP; Thomas Ewles E EL GS PE; Anna Faux B M PE; Jessica Fisher FM M P; James Fountain B C FM M; Annie Foyster E EL RS; Alistair Fuller E GS H PS; Zoe Gadd A H RS; Joshua Gerbino E EL GS H; Robert Golding B C M; Kayleigh Goodman B C G GS; Rosie Goodman D E EL M; Thomas Goulding C FM M P; Edward Grys BS E PS; Rebecca Hallam DTT GS H PS; Laura Hancox EC EXP G M; Natalie Hassall A DTT PE; Abigail Hill E EL GS PS; Gemma-Anne Hill E GS H PS; Rebecca Howarth EC EXP F GR; Jack Humphries B C GS PE; Joseph Hyland CT G H PS; Natalie Ishmael DTT GS M PE; Joshua James FM M P; James Jane B C GS PE; Georgina Jones D E GS SP; George King B C G GS H; Georgina Kirby B EC EXP RS; Michelle Kwok B BS GS M; Bethany Lake B C DTF GS; Jessica Leech CT EL GR H M; Jake Loomes H GS PE PS; Harry Maxwell C GS M P; Katie Mcllhagga A EL PS; Finan McLean B C G; Samuel Newman B C CT M; Rachel Owusu-Agyei CT E H M MU; William Palmer B C FM M; Laura Parker B GS M PS; William Patchett B C D; Catherine Quinlan C DTR M; Emily Reeson B C M; Oliver Reynolds CT E EL H SP; Christopher Rice C DTR M; Emily Rowbotham E G GS PS; Zoe Rowlands B C GS H; Scott Rushton C H M; Lorna Sandison F H M SP; Jacob Sears B C EL GS; Joshua Smith C M PE; Katie Smith C F GS M; Megan Smith A C GS M; Bryony Smithers B EL F GS; Sarah Stacey E G PS; Alison Stainsby B C F; Charlotte Straker B E PS; Bethany Swaine A E PS; Adam Swallow B G GS PS; Matthew Taylor B C FM M; Megan Tooze B D GS PS; Victoria Turton D E GS PS; Daniel Wade A B GS PS; Dominic Warren B C GS M; Jamie Weisz H M RS; Sophie Wells B DTF GS M; Alexanda Whitworth-Biehler G M P; Jessica Wickens DTT E GS PS; Stuart Wildish B C GS PS; Christopher Williams E F GS SP; Holly Willis A BS DTT GS; Ben Wilson B C PE; Helen Wilson BS D EL; Alex Worrall B DTF GS RS; Charlotte Wright E EL PS; Daniel Wright H M PS; James Wright C EC M; Alex Yung FM M P.

AS-LEVELS: Gus Amies E EL GS PS; Daniel Anderson C G GS M; Nicola Anning A B GS P; Alex Arch F GS M; Daniel Ashmore C DTT EXP M P; Anishaa Aubeeluck E F GR GS SP; Naader Bajwa B BS C GS M; Chloe Barratt E EL GS H RS; Jonathan Bates BS E GS PE PS; James Beck C GS M P; Helen Beckingham A B C F GS; Toby Bird C GS M P; Rory Bluff A D E EL GS; Conor Carmody BS C EXP GS H M; Chantal Carr EL G GS H RS; Ben Christie B BS DTT GS M; James Clarke B C GS PS PS; Paul Clarke B C GS M P; Jason Cockton B C F GS M; Abigail Cooke A D EL GS M; Sasha Cooper D E EL GS H; Phoebe Cresswell D E EL GS PS; Charlotte Darlow B GS M P; Georgia Davey C DTT M P; Olivia Edmunds E EL GS PS RS; Christopher Ellingford B C GS H M; Thomas Elliott C GS H M P; Bobby Elsigood C GS M P; Jemima Elson BS D EL G GS; Susie Farmborough C GR GS M P; Alan Fountain B BS C GS PS; Katie Francis A B C GS M; Rachel Gale E GS PS RS; David Gauci B C GS M PE; Ben Gibson B DTT GS M P; Lauren Gibson A B C GS PS; Rachael Gledhill B C EL H M; David Goddard C GS M; Hannah Goold B F GS PE PS; Rory Gresty C G GS P; Amy Gwilliam B GS PS RS; Rachel Hancox BS G GS PS; Thomas Harris B C GS M P; Ben Helstrip C GS M P; Thomas Hill EXP GS H M PS; Laura Holmes A B G GS PS; Robert Houseago DTT G GS M P; Charlotte Howard-Moran B EL GS M P; Bethany Hubbard A G GS PS RS; Elliot Hughes EL GS H; James Jackson A D E GS; Miranda Jackson A B C GR GS; Thomas Jenney E EL H; Alice Jervis F GR GS M P; Ross Jones EL G GS H RS; Saskia Joyles A E GS PS RS; Yasmin Kelly A DTT GS M P; Simon Kent EL GS H M RS; Saskia Knight B C F GS PS; Devon Leaver C E GS H M; Nicola Lee A BS DTT GS PS; Li Li B C GS M; Daniel Lovesey B C GS M PE; Alex Lowery B C GS PS; Elizabeth Lunn E EL GS H RS; Karl Mackenzie B C E EXP PE; Darren Magor C GS H M MU; Eilish Main EL GS H RS; Jamie Mallett BS DTT GS PE PS; Natalie Mangieri A B GS PS; Joshua Marren-Cooper A B DTT EXP GS; Stephanie Marsh A B C GS PS; Sophie Mason BS D E GS PS; William McLeish B BS C E GS; Lindsay McShane D E EL GS RS; Alex Millar E EL GS M MU; Lewis Morgan B C GS M P; Robert Mumby EXP GS H M P; Charlotte Myles B BS GS PE PS; Harry Olsen B C GS M P; Eleanor Pace B C GR GS M; Rebecca Parnham E EL H PS; Samuel Patrick BS DTT G GS; Emma Percy B C GR GS PS; Callum Phenix A DTT GS M P; Rhys Powell G GS H PS; Christopher Quinlan D F GS M SP; Sophie Raoufi E EL G GS RS; Zoe Reader A B C GS PS; David Reed C GS M P; Charlotte Rodford DTT EL GS H; Sophie Rogers A D E GS RS; Peggy Sayers A D E EXP GS MU; Emma Shales F GR GS M PS; Emily Shaw B C GS P PS; Christopher Smith C GS H M P; Emma Smith D E GS PS; Emma Stanbury C EL F GS P; Christopher Stephens B BS C G GS; Joe Stuttle E EL GS; Bethany Thomas BS EL GS PE PS; Eleanor Thompson D E EL GS PS; Scott Thomson E F GS H SP; Samuel Thornburn B C GS M PE; Hinyiu Ting B C GS M MU; Dominic Toma A C GS M P; Matthew Townend B C EL GS P; Luke Trainor B C GS M PS; Alicia Tremlett C GR GS M PS; Jack Trevor B C GS H P; Keeley Walters B F GS PS RS; Mishelle Waqasi B C GR GS M; Jack Wheatley B C GS H M; Max Winterton BS DTT GS PS; Sarah Wooldridge B C D EL GS; Simon Woolley B C GS H PS; Claire Worrall B C GS H M; Cherry Yung B C GS M PS.