Records fall at Deepings School

She's a star ' Rio Smith celebrates her results. Photo: SG250811-07MD
She's a star ' Rio Smith celebrates her results. Photo: SG250811-07MD
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RECORDS tumbled again as Deepings School students posted impressive GCSE results.

Every one of the school’s pupils earned at least five A* to G while a best ever 66 per cent received five A* to C, including English and maths.

In total 93 per cent of students got at least five grades at C or better – another record for the school and a figure that is 30 per cent higher than five years ago.

A school statement said: “These results mean that more students than ever before are now better qualified to enter their chosen courses, apprenticeships and training – very important in very competitive times.

Top performers included Oliver Mowforth with 11A*s and an A and Jacob Bradshaw who posted nine A*s and three As.

Amie Welsh earned seven A*s and four As and Jessica Kirby and Stephanie Williams both scooped six A8s and four As each.

Head Chris Beckett said: “These are wonderful results and reflect the hard work and commitment of a very good year group.

“I would like to congratulate all students and wish them well in the next phase of their life.”


Key: A – art, AB – art BTEC, B – biology, BS- business studies, BSB – business BTEC, C - chemistry, CML1 – creative and media level 1 diploma, DA - dance, DTF - design technology (food), DTG - design technology (graphic products), DTP – design technology product design, DTR - design Technology (resistant materials), DTT- design technology (textiles), E - English, ENB – engineering BTEC, EL - English literature, F – French, G – geography, GE – geology, H – history, HC - home economics (child development), ICTB – ICT BTEC ICTL2 – Ict level 2 diploma, M – maths, MU – music, P – physics, PE - physical education, RS - religious studies, S - science double award, SC - science single award, SCA – science additional, SCAS – science astronomy, SCB – BTEC science, SO – sociology, SP - Spanish, SPB – sport BTEC, ST – statistics.

* denotes grades A-C,** denotes grade A*,

Joshua Agger EL DTR M E SC SCA ICTL2*(X 7); Sarah Alderson EL* B* M* H* HC* RS* E C P ST ICTB** A** ICTB** ICTB**; Lauren Allen E M RS SCB SCB ICTB* ICTB*; Sean Allen E EL M DTP SCB SCB SPB SPB ICTB ICTB; Abigail Aris E* EL* M* H RS B C P ST BSB** BSB** ICTB**(X4); Sarah Atkinson EL* D* E** RS** B C M H P ST AB** AB**; Bethany Banks E* HC* EL M A RS SCB BSB** SCB BSB** ICTB**(X4); Alexander Barkhouse E* EL** B C P M A H F RS; Ross Barnes E* EL* C* P* M* BS* H* F** B ST RS; Emily Barrett E EL SC BS RS SCA DTF M ICTB ICTB; Brandon Barrick M E EL SCA BS SC G GR; Dean Beckerton E EL SC SCA M G RS BSB* BSB* ICTB** (X4); Jack Bedford E M SCB SCB; Peter Bell M E DTR RS SCB SCB ICTB** ICTB**; Lucy Belsey F* E EL SCA M RS DTG MU ST SC ICTB**(X4); Taryn Bilsborough E EL BS RS M GR SCB SCB CML1(X4), ICTB**(X4); Ryan Bird E EL SCA M PE SC DTR BS RS; Jasmine Blacklock E* EL* B* C* P* M* BS* RS* H** DTG ST G*; Jessica Blades M E EL BS RS AB SCB AB SCB ICTB**(X4); Luke Boddy SCB SCB SPB SPB ICTB* ICTB* EL RS E DTP M SP; Ashley Bond EL M BS G E RS A SCB SCB ICTB**(X4); Darcy Bond M* E EL B C P GR RS A ICTB* ICTB*; Oliver Boughton E EL B P M C DTR GR ST ICTB**(X4); Emma Brader E DTP M RS SCB SCB ICTB** ICTB**; Jacob Bradshaw EL* ST* E** B** C** P** M** H** F** GR** RS** G*; Adam Brown M GR E EL SP RS SCB SCB SPB SPB ICTB(X4); Ciaren Brown E EL B M RS C P DTP SP ICTB** ICTB**; Elliott Bull EL* E SCA M BS H F RS SC; Alexander Bullivant EL* E RS B DTG DTP M P ST C A; Laura Bunning EL* M* F* RS* E** B C P PE H ST; Madeleine Burch B* C* P* M* GR* E** EL** H** RS** PE ST G*; Matthew Burdock E EL BS DTR M PE B C P ST; Philippa Burns E EL PE SC SCA M A RS ST ICTB**(X4); Georgina Burrage E DTR M BS; Kirsty Burrows E EL M H B C P ST GR RS ICTB**(X4); Lauren Butler E EL M HC DTF BS SCB SCB ICTB* ICTB*; Samuel Buttery E M G SCB SCB ICTB* ICTB*; Stephanie Byford E* EL* M* RS* B C P D H DA ICTB**(X4); Amy Cancea E* EL* B* DTF* M* BS* H* C P RS ST SP; Ellie Caston EL* M* H* E B C F P ST RS AB** AB**; Joseph Chadwick E M EL GR DTR H SCB SCB ICTB(X4); Alexander Chambers E DTR EL B C P M RS H GR; Rebecca Cherry E* EL* RS* SCA M PE SC SP ICTB**(X4); Roberta Chirstie E* EL* BS RS DTG GR DA M SCB SCB ICTB**(X4); Molly Clegg E* EL* B* A D RS C P M H ST; Abigail Coates E EL M BS DA PE GR RS SCB SCB ICTB*(X4); Jacob Cobley E M SCB ENB SCB ENB ICTB(X4); Clementina Cocozza EL RS E BS H GR M SCB SCB ICTB(X4); Alice Compton E EL SCA M H RS SC F ICTB** ICTB**; Daniel Cooling E* EL* B* C* H* GR* P** M** DTP ST RS GE*; Callum Corder E* EL* SCA* RS* DTR** SC M G ST ICTB**(X4); Andrew Crawford E* EL* H* F* B C P M BS RS ST; Charlotte Creasey E* EL* RS** SCA M A H F SC G; Megan Crowson PE E EL BS M DTG SCB SCB ICTB**(X4); Bethany Cunnington DTF* E EL SCA M RS SC PE F; Thomas Cunnington E DTF RS M ICTB ICTB; Brandon Currell M* EL B P E C MU ST F RS H ICTB**(X4); Keir Daly EL* E DTG MU RS B C P M ST F A; Kirsty Danby M HC E AB SCB AB SCB ICTB ICTB; Stephanie Day EL B BS H E C M PE ST RS P; Joseph Dent E* D* GR* RS* EL SC SCA M H; Jerry Dewing E* EL B C M P D ST F RS ICTB*(X4); Niall Dignall D E DA M BS H SCB SCB ICTB**(X4); Alexandra Donnelly E EL D H RS B C P M MU A; Lauren Donnelly E* H* EL RS SC SCA M GR A SP; Joshua Douglass E* EL RS SC SCA DTR M GR BSB* BSB*; Luke Earth E EL PE H SC SCA M; Joshua Edwards EL E DTR M BS SCB SCB ICTB(X4); Matthew Edwards E* EL SC SCA DTP M RS ICTB ICTB; Charles Elmer EL* E B M BS C P PE ST RS ICTB**(X4); Fiona English M* HC* RS* E EL B C P H F ST; Hayden Errico E EL DTR SC SCA M BSB* BSB* SPB SPB; Bronte Etherington B* DTF* M* E C P F RS EL ST H; Elliot Flaherty RS DTR PE E EL M BS SCB SCB ICTB ICTB; Thomas Fletcher H* E EL C M RS B P DTF D; Tasmin Flood E EL SC SCA M H HC GR RS ST; Amy Foreman E EL DTF M BS RS H SCB SCB ICTB(X4); Ashly Foster M DTR E RS; Connor Foster E EL SC SCA M RS ST GR DTF BSB BSB; Oliver Fox E EL M RS SC PE H SCA ICTB**(X4); Morgan French E* B* C* P* A* H* F* EL** M** RS** ST G*; Heidi Frost E EL BS M H RS AB** SCB AB** SCB ICTB*(X4); James Frost B* C* P* DTR* M* BS* F* RS* E EL ST; Sean Garmory E* EL* P* BS* B** C** M** RS** MU ST H GR; Luke Geeves SCA SC E EL M H; Lauren George E* EL* M* F* RS* PE B C P ST ICTB**(X4); Samuel Gilbert E EL H RS M GR SCB SCB SPB** SPB** ICTB**(X4); George Goodwin E B P M BS D RS EL C ST ICTB* ICTB*; Jack Gower E EL SC SCA M RS DTR GR BSB BSB; Christine Graham E EL RS SC SCA M H PE ICTB**(X4); Nicola Graham EL RS E H GR SC SCA M PE; Sophie Greaves ST* RS* B** C** P** M** E EL DTP H F; Chloe Gregory EL DTF H RS E SCA BS SC M; Ben Griffin E* EL SCA BS RS SC DTR M ST H; Kyle Griffiths E EL SCA M SC G SP ICTB(X4); Liam Grub E* EL M BS RS SC SCA DTG ICTB**(X4); Callum Gurney D E M RS SCB SCB ICTB ICTB; Chloe Hall RS E EL SC M G SCA; Hannah Hallett E EL C M HC B P ST H RS ICTB**(X4); Liam Harding SCA M E EL SC DTR H ICTB ICTB; Maariyah Haroon EL E M BS RS SC SCA SP H; Harry Harrison EL* PE* E C H RS B P M GR ST; Dominic Heavens E* EL* RS** B P M BS MU H C ST GR; Clayton Hedley E M SCB SCB SPB SPB ICTB(X4); Annaliese Hindson E EL M F DA SC RS SCA BFL2(X7); Ryan Holdsworth E M SPB SPB ICTB ICTB; Scott Hooker EL E B C P DTP M BS RS ST; Jordan Houston BS M E DTF RS SCB SCB ICTB*(X4); Tyler Houston DTP M A E SCB SCB ICTB*(X4); Matthew Howell E EL M RS B C P ST DTG ICTL2(X7); Edward Howes EL E M H RS SC PE SCA ICTB**(X4); Harry Hudson B* DTR* E EL C P M BS PE RS ST; Nicholas Hudson DTP M E EL RS SCB SCB ICTB** ICTB** BFL2(X7); Todd Humphries BS* RS* EL SC E SCA M H ICTB**(X4); Sasha Hunte E* EL* M H F RS DA SC SCA AB** AB**; Megan Hutchins SCA* M* E G PE F RS EL SC; Lucy Ingram RS M BS ICTB** ICTB** E EL; Daniel Insley H E DTG M DTP SCB SCB; Hollie Ireland RS* E EL H SCA M GR SC A; Joseph Ironside SCA M EL SC DTR H RS E GR; Alexander Jagne D* E EL B P DTF M RS C ST F; Daniel James E EL DTR M BS A SCB SCB ICTB** ICTB**; Samuel James M E EL DTR RS SCB SCB ICTB* ICTB* BFL2(X7); Cameron Johnson E M SCB BSB ENB SCB BSB ENB SPB SPB ICTB* ICTB*; Hannah Jordan M SCB SCB ICTB ICTB DTF E EL; Rebecca Keating E DTP M HC RS SCB BSB SCB BSB ICTB*(X4); Jessica Kirby E* BS* ST* F* EL** B** C** P** RS** H M**; Connor Knowling E EL BS RS SC SCA M SP ICTB(X4); Samantha Langan E EL B BS RS P M ST H F C; Benjamin Levitt EL M E SC SCA DTR ST ICTL2(X7); Alexander Liddle E* M* BS* RS* EL MU C P H F B; Hannah Linkhorn E EL SCA M GR RS SC; Charlotte Long EL* E M GR RS SC SCA H AB** AB**; Jordan Woods EL M B C P ST E SP DTR; Kieran Lutton EL* DTR M RS E B C P PE ST H: Leanne Malcolmson E* EL* RS* B M PE P ST H C ICTB**(X4); Luke Mansworth EL RS E SC SCA M BS PE H; Sophie Marsh-Combes M E EL BS RS B C P ST GR DTP; Jessica Matthews P* RS* E EL BE C M H DA ST F BSB** BSB**; Ruth McCabe E EL BS SC SCA M RS ICTB(X4); Thomas McDonnell EL RS E DTR M GR SCB SCB SPB SPB ICTB* ICTB*; Calum McHattie M E EL B P ST C PE SP ICTB ICTB; Kate McShane E* EL* M* PE* F* RS* B C P DTG ST; Harry Measures E* M* EL B C P BS PE H RS ST; David Meek B* GR* RS* E** EL C P M BS H ST S P; Matthew Meek E* BS* GR* C M H RS EL B P ST; Stefan Mellors DTP BS H E EL M SCB SCB ICTB(X4); Faye Mitchell E* EL* RS* M H F C PE B P; Dakota Moon RS E BS H HC M SCB SCB ICTB**(X4); Oliver Moore E* H* EL SCA M BS RS SC ICTB(X4); Lauren Morrell E EL M HC GR RS H SCB SCB ICTB* ICTB*; Daniel Morten E SC M EL SCA RS DTF A D; Hollie Moscatiello RS* E EL DA SCA PE SC M SP ICTB**(X4); Oliver Mowforth EL* E** B** C** P** M** ST** H** F** GR** RS** GE** G* SP*; Anna Nicholls E HC G M H SCB SCB ICTB**(X4); Naila Osman E* HC* EL SCA G SC M RS BSB* BSB*; Conor O’Sullivan RS* E EL F GR SP SCA M SC; Emily Parker GR E EL M HC SCB SCB ICTB(X4); Alexander Parkin EL M E B C P DTG ST RS; Thomas Parkin E EL SC SCA M H RS DTR ICTB(X4) ICTL2(X7); Michael Partridge DTR EL E SC SCA M RS ICTB**(X4); Lucy Peacock EL M BS E SC SCA PE GR RS; Samuel Pearson E M GR SCB SCB ICTB ICTB; Daniel Perkins EL E SCA M BS PE RS SC; George Pickering E* P* M* H* F* B** C** BS** RS** EL MU ST; Lydia Pinfold E A D EL M G DA SC SCA RS; Jack Pishhorn DTF* E M EL RS SCB SCB ICTB** ICTB** BFL2(X7); David Platt D E RS EL M H A SCB SCB ICTB(X4); Georgina Platt EL* E M F RS SC SCA PE AB** AB**; Kieran Poole E EL B C P M BS F DTG ST RS; Amy Ramm E* EL D M SC SCA ST F RS AB** AB**; Jordan Randall EL* BS* E P H RS B C M ST ICTB**(X4); Jamie Reeve E* EL* M* BS* PE* B C P DTG ST RS; Katherine Roberts E* EL SCA M A RS SC DTG ICTB**(X4); Mikaela Roebuck-Wilson E B BS EL C P M ST HC GR RS SP; Katrina Roffe E M HC SCB SCB ICTB*(X4); Jack Rogers EL* SC M BS MU E SCA DTG RS ICTB*(X4); Georgia Ross E D RS EL SC SCA M DA ST AB** AB**; Rebecca Russell EL M BS E B C P ST RS H ICTB(X4); Harrison Sadler PE* EL B C P M ST H E BS RS; Georgina Sancaster SCB SCB ICTB ICTB; Megan Sargent E EL RS M BS H GR SC SCA; Jamie Schollar M EL RS E DTG DTF A SCB SCB ICTB(X4); Michael Seal E* B* H* EL C P M BS RS ST GR; Sophie Sear E* EL B C M H RS P PE ST AB** AB**; Harry Shattock E EL RS M GR SCB BSB** SCB BSB** ICTB(X4); Alexander Shaw E EL H RS SCA M BS SC ICTB**(X4); Mikey Shea EL SCA M GR E SC ICTL2(X7); Christopher Skeath M E DTR RS SCB SCB ICTB**(X4); Bradley Smith E M SCB SCB SPB SPB ICTB* ICTB*; Jamie Smith M RS E EL B DTR C P H SP; Rio Smith E EL SCA M RS SC PE H GR; Benjamin Smitheringale PE* EL B C DTR M E P RS BSB** BSB**; Matthew Sparrow PE* E EL M BS SC SCA ST RS ICTB**(X4); Eleanor Spendelow PE E EL RS DTG M BS SCB SCB ICTB** ICTB**; Kelly Spiniello E EL SCA M BS GR RS DA SC ST AB* AB*; Joel Stern E* M* BS* RS* EL B C P MU ST H DTG: Hannah Stillingfleet E* EL* A RS H F SC SCA M; Mitchell Stothers E* EL* B C P M BS RS DTG ST ICTB**(X4); Phillip Sutton EL* C* M* BS* H* F* RS* E** B P ST SP; Kyle Tansley DTR E EL SC SCA M RS ST SP SPB** SPB**; Charlotte Tarrant E* D* F* EL B M RS C P ST AB** AB**; Alexander Tate SC* M* BS* E EL SCA H RS ST ICTB**(X4); Harry Taylor H* E EL RS SC SCA M G GR; Carlton Tebbs M* E EL P GR RS B BS ST C H; Oliver Thorpe E EL DTR M G RS SCB SCB SPB SPB ICTB(X4); Maisy Turner E EL DTF PE M H SCB SCB ICTB(X4); Matthew Turner B* P* E EL C M SCAS BS H RS ST D GE; Stephen Turner B* C* P* M* SCAS* E BS RS EL ST GR DTG GE; Jordan Unsworth E M RS SCB ENB SCB ENB ICTB ICTB; Antony Walker E M DTF H SCB SCB; James Wand B C P M E EL PE H RS DTP ST; Alice Ward PE EL DTR RS E M GR SCB SCB ICTB ICTB; Harriet Ward EL M BS E SC SCA A ICTB**(X4); Ryan Ward E M BS SCB SCB SPB SPB ICTB ICTB; Brendan Watson M E EL A SC SCA D; Aarron Watts DTR E M SCB SCB ICTB**(X4); Jake Webb E EL B C P M RS DTG H BSB** BSB**; Amie Welsh EL* P* M* E** B** C** A** BS** H** RS** ST G*; Connor Welton E* P* M* BS* RS* EL B C ST F ICTB**(X4); Connor Westley B* C* P* M* A* ST* E** EL** H** GR** RS** GE*; Pearce Westley E* EL* RS* BS PE SC M SCA ST ICTB**(X4); Patricia Wey EL* C* P* DTF* M* MU* ST* GR* RS* E** B DA BSB** BSB**; Angharad While M H F RS E EL C P D B ST; Luke Whitby E* M* BS* H* RS* EL B C GR P ST; Stephanie Williams EL* M* H* RS* E** B** C** P** PE** F** ST; Shane Winter M* E EL B P DTG BS ST RS C ICTB**(X4); Amelia Witt E* EL* H* F* RS** B M C P SP ICTB* ICTB*; Georgia Woods EL PE RS E M SC SCA BS GR; Jordan Woods ICTB(X4); Hayley Woodward EL* RS* E H SC SCA M PE F; Lee Woolfitt E EL DTR M GR RS BS SCB SCB ICTB(X4); Josh Wright MU DTR E EL M BS GR SCB SCB ICTB**(X4); Theon Wright E DTR M RS; Bethany Yeomans D E DA M SCB SCB ICTB**(X4).