Record breakers at Deepings School

Joy all around at the Deepings School. Photo: SG180811-05MD
Joy all around at the Deepings School. Photo: SG180811-05MD
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STUDENTS at The Deepings School are celebrating record-breaking A-level grades after picking up their results on Thursday.

STUDENTS at The Deepings School are celebrating record-breaking A-level grades after picking up their results yesterday.

Headteacher Chris Beckett said almost all of the year 13 pupils had been accepted on to their first choice course or employment after securing a 99 per cent pass rate on exams.

Mr Beckett said the staff were “proud” of the cohort, praising the efforts of both the students, staff and parents.

“We are delighted with another solid set of A-level results and we wish all students the very best for the future,” he said.

“Special congratulations go to our two successful Oxbridge candidates Georgia Kirby and Elizabeth Roe.

“Students, parents, staff and the wider community can all celebrate and share in theses achievements.”

The record-breaking year for the school saw one in five passes at A* or A grade and almost 70 per cent achieving A*-C grades.

A total of 32 out of 36 subjects achieved 100 per cent pass rates.

One of the school’s high achievers is Georgia Kirby (17), of Stamford Road, Market Deeping, who has won a place studying medicine at King’s College, Cambridge.

Hard working Georgia has achieved three A* grades in physics, maths and chemistry and an A in biology.

She said: “I was so excited. I am relieved – I can be excited about university without worrying about my place.

“It is absolutely amazing.”

Elizabeth Rose (18), of Fenville Muse, Deeping St James, will be joining Oxford University in the autumn after achieving three A grades in maths, chemistry and biology. She will be studying medicinal chemistry at the prestigious university.

She said: “I am thrilled. For the last couple of years I have wanted to go. I’ve put in a lot of work.”

Jade Dear (18), of Badger Lane, Bourne, will be emigrating to Australia with an excellent batch of results. She achieved an A in communications, Bs in history and general studies and a D in psychology.

Jade said: “I feel fine, I am moving to Australia in October and hope to go to university there.”

One of the youngsters, who was over the moon with their results is Jacob Parkin (18), of Manor Close, Baston, who achieved an A grade in maths, B in physics and a C in biology.

Jacob has decided not to go to university after being offered a job as a trainee accountant.

He said: “I’m very happy about the results but I have always wanted to do accountancy so I thought I would go for the job.”

Ellie Burch (18), of Eastgate, Deeping St James, has As in history and religious studies and a B in English.

She will be studying history and philosophy at York University.

Ellie said: “It was shocking. I wasn’t expecting it, I was expecting to go through clearing.

“I think students are getting brighter.”

Charlotte Cross (18), of Bridge Street, Market Deeping, has an A in ICT, Bs in ICT applied and English along with a C in Communications.

She will be studying law at Nottingham Trent University.

Charlotte said: “I have worked my socks off and I can’t believe it. I didn’t expect to get the results I did but it shows that hard work pays off.”


Key: A – art, B – biology, BS- business (voc), BTA - BTEC art and design award, BTI - BTI, BTS - BTS, BTIC - BTIC certificate, BTSC - BTSC certificate, C - chemistry, CS - communication studies, D - drama, DA - dance, DTF - design technology (food), DTG - design technology (graphic products), DTR - design Technology (resistant materials), E - English language, EC - economics, EL - English literature, F – French, GR – German, GS - general studies, H – history, HS - health and social care, I - Italian, IT - information technology, M – maths,P - physics, PE - physical education, PS - psychology, RS - religious studies, SO - sociology, SP - Spanish, TT - travel and tourism, UM - use of maths.

** denotes A*

* denotes A grade

Ablett Thomas BTI IT; Addy Stephanie DA E UM; Allen Joseph BTS CS GS PE; Aspden Jemma B PS RS; Avis Lily CS TT BTA*; Beeken Kelly BS PS PE; Bellamy Philippa E GS PS; Billington Victoria GS PS PE UM; Burch Eleanor EL GS* H* RS*; Burke Callum DTG GS H UM; Butters Alice DTF HS RS; Cannon Daniel BTIC* BTIC*; Carmichael Matthew B CS IT; Carter Michael BTSC* BTSC EC H; Casey James BS EL GS H; Chen Jian Wei BTIC* BTIC* UM; Christie Joshua BTSC BTSC RS; Clarkson Christopher BTSC BTSC; Claxton Richard B BS D; Coles Elizabeth BS EC IT; Cooper Daniel BTIC* BTIC*; Courtney Nicole CS* E PS; Cross Charlotte BTI* CS E IT; Cross Madeleine BS CS* EL; Cuffe Nicole CS E HS; Datoo Hasnain B* C* M* IT; Davenport Jack BTSC BTSC; Davies Christopher B GS PE; Davies Emily BS RS; Dear Jade CS* GS H PS; Dennis Thomas H UM; Downie Heather E GR RS; Downie Lorna F* GR* M**; Edwards Lauren E IT PS; Eggleton Nicholas BTIC* BTIC* UM; Ellement Natasha BTSC BTSC IT; Elmer Katie E TT BTA*; Etherington Paris B BS C GS; Evans Laura DA E EL GS*; Fletcher Adam BTI* IT BTS; Fletcher-Cutts Megan EL H RS; Forster Sarah CS E IT; Fox Callum BTSC BTSC; George Thomas DTG E PE; Goddard Ellen BTI* RS SO IT*; Goodman Craig BTIC* BTIC*; Gray Steven DTR M P; Green Thomas C DTR UM; Griffiths Siobhan BTIC* BTIC*; Hall Patrick F GS RS SP; Halliday Rebecca BS CS* E; Hay Daniel BTSC* BTSC*; Hellyer Stacey BTIC BTIC IT; Hindson James EC M P; Ho Chee-Kay GR M MU; Holland-Wing Thomas BS EC; Holliday Thomas GS H MU RS; Holmes Matthew BTIC BTIC BTSC BTSC; Horsley Rebecca EL PS PE; Human Jacob D IT; Hurst Sophie BS DTF GS GR; Jasinska Anastazja A B EC; Kemp Natasha B PS RS; King Rosie BS CS D; Kinsella Emily RS SO; Kirby Georgia B* C** M** P**; Kirby Isabel C M* P*; Kirby Joseph BS E GS RS; Levitt Jessica BTI* RS SO IT; Lofthouse Catherine A* EL GS* RS*; Longhurst Fiona DA EL RS; Machin Paul SO UM; Mason Jessica DA E UM; Mckeigue Megan HS* PS IT; McPhail Amy B BS C; Miller Sam D GS* H RS; Nelson Liam BS CS IT; Northen Melissa BS CS DTG; O’Farrell Amanda A EL RS; Osman Zuenah EL G RS; Parkin Jacob B M* P IT; Pile Jonathon B G P; Pile Nicholas GS H P UM; Pozella Samantha GS HS IT* PS; Purchase Sophie A B PS; Randall Charlotte BS EL; Roberts Bethany EC GS BTA*; Roe Elizabeth B* C* M*’;Romaine Robert E GS MU; Roper Jordan EC EL GS UM; Ryan Stephanie G H* PS; Savaglia Cristian BTI CS I; Scutts Frances B PS PE; Segger Rhianne BTIC* BTIC* CS IT; Shea Stephen BTSC BTSC; Shears Alexandria E RS SO; Skeath Thomas BTS* EC PE*; Smeeth Kayleigh BS GS IT SO; Smith Benjamin DTRSO UM; Smith Gwendolyn E EL RS; Smith Holly B C GS PS; Smith Peter C* F* GS; Staines Elliott B GS H PE; Stancer Joe A DTG GS PS; Staunton Aidan H PE; Steward Kate BS* D* E*; Stokes Connor BTI IT; Story-Taylor Sam B BS IT; Stowers Amy BS E PS; Stygall Natalie BTI* HS TT* IT; Susulowsky Rebecca B PS PE*; Tegala Ronan B C GS P IT; Vaughan Chloe EC EL GS PS; Walker Craig B BS M IT; Walker Jonathan DTR E H; Ward Rebekah HS* IT* TT; Warner Benjamin BTSC* BTSC; Webber Alison B BS C; Welton Amy BS E GS PS; West Matthew H MU RS; Weston Thomas D GS P RS; Wicks George BS GS SO UM; Williams Paige B BS* PS; Winter Samantha BS HS TT.