Pupils out of school in area

Spalding Grammar School headmaster Nigel Ryan.
Spalding Grammar School headmaster Nigel Ryan.
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More than 12 per cent of pupils excluded from schools in Lincolnshire this year were from South Holland, new figures show.

In total, 349 pupils were temporarily excluded from primary and secondary schools in South Holland between September 2013 and June 2014, with 29 pupils excluded permanently this year.

The figures from Lincolnshire County Council showed that there were 192 permanent and 2,859 fixed-term exclusions (of up to 45 days) from primary and secondary schools for the same period.

Nigel Ryan, headmaster at Spalding Grammar School, said: “Exclusions are a complex issue where schools must balance up meeting the needs of individual students against the rights of others to have access to an education that is not disturbed and in a safe environment,

“Sometimes when the relationship with an individual has completely broken down, then a fresh start is needed.

“But this should not be about dumping a student on the scrapheap but planning a new path that gives them a fair opportunity to get out of the hole they have dug for themselves.”

Martyn Taylor, headteacher at Thomas Cowley High School, Donington, said: “We used to be a punitive school where our fixed-term exclusion rate was high.

“But we are now a restorative practice school where behaviour has remained a strength and exclusions have decreased markedly. We still exclude students, but only in extreme circumstances and where all intervention has proved unsuccessful.”

A Department for Education spokesman said: “We are tackling the causes of exclusions by overhauling the special educational needs system, raising standards in literacy and numeracy, tackling disadvantages through the pupil premium and significantly reforming alternative provisions.”