Pupils’ insight into life of authors

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PUPILS from three Spalding primary schools were treated to inspirational insights into the lives of authors Andy Briggs and Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs.

This years marks the 100th anniversary of Tarzan and Andy has penned a modern day version as a celebration.

Andy’s visit to Spalding was hosted by St Norbert’s Roman Catholic School with pupils from Spalding Primary and Monkshouse invited to join in.

Children took part in a survival quiz, to test how much they had learned about life in the Democractic Public of Congo, where the book is set, and listened to Andy talking about his experiences as a writer.

St Norbert’s inclusion manager Melissa Ford said: “It was lovely to see children being able to relate to Andy’s story of not believing they could one day be a writer and I hope that some of the children feel inspired to follow in Andy’s footsteps.”