Primary schools shine in ‘three Rs’ league table

Spalding Parish Church of England Primary, which won primary school of the Year in the Lincolnshire Free Press and Education Awards, saw 78 per cent of pupils reach the level 4 target. SG121114-248TW
Spalding Parish Church of England Primary, which won primary school of the Year in the Lincolnshire Free Press and Education Awards, saw 78 per cent of pupils reach the level 4 target. SG121114-248TW
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County schools dipped two points below the national average of 79 per cent in league tables measuring standards in reading, writing and ‘rithmatic – the three Rs.

But there were still some outstanding performances.

Langtoft Primary and Brown’s Church of England Primary at Horbling had 100 per cent of Key Stage 2 pupils hitting level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths.

Pinchbeck East and Market Deeping primaries both had 90 per cent of pupils achieving the level 4 target – and around 20 schools on our patch scored between 80 and 89 per cent against the three Rs standard.

Langtoft Primary head James McCullough said: “We always strive to prepare our children well for life at secondary school. These results are testament to the hard work and commitment to learning by the children, their parents and the staff alike.”

Mandy Wilding, of Brown’s Church of England Primary at Horbling, said: “We are always very proud of our pupils’ achievements but of course this could not happen without the excellent teaching from my dedicated staff.”

Holbeach Bank Primary’s performance leapt by 26 per cent to 86 per cent between 2013/14.

The school’s executive head Christine Wright said: “We are extremely pleased with the improvement. You can’t measure children like you can business performance because they are all different – certainly this particular group of children have all done extremely well and we are very proud of them.”

Westmere Primary School at Sutton Bridge, where more than a quarter of pupils are eligible for free school meals, saw its performance rise by two per cent to 79 – while St Paul’s Primary in Spalding, which has similar levels of deprivation, fell by nine per cent to 61.

Westmere governor Coun Nick Worth said the school had benefited from being in a federation with Holbeach St Marks and Gedney Drove End because teaching resources could be switched between the three primaries for maximum gain.

Coun Worth, a former chairman of governors, said: “If you look back a few years, they (Westmere) were considerably further down.”

Nationally, there was a jump of four points to 67 per cent for free school meals children passing the test.

The 80 per cent and above club includes Shepeau Stow (89), Weston Hills, Lutton, Gedney Drove End and Edenham (all on 88), Doington Cowley, Gosberton Clough and Risegate and Billingborough (86), John Harrox at Moulton (85), Bourne Westfield and Spalding Monkshouse (84), Holbeach William Stukeley, St Bartholowmew’s at West Pinchbeck and St Gilbert of Sempringham Primary at Pointon (83).

Among schools at the bottom of the class were Swineshead St Marys (47 per cent), Deeping St Nicholas, Weston St Mary’s and Swineshead St Mary’s (all on 43 per cent) and Cowbit St Mary’s (38 per cent).

• County education bosses are promising more support for primary schools in maths.

Some 88 per cent of pupils made expected progress in maths – two per cent below the national average. Expected progress in reading was 91 per cent and writing 93 per cent locally and nationally.

Council executive member for children’s services, Patricia Bradwell, said: “Teachers, with the support of parents in Lincolnshire, have been working hard to make sure children are achieving the important skills they need when they leave primary school.

“However, we recognise that some results have improved nationally at a faster rate than here in Lincolnshire and there is work to do in order for us to catch up. We are determined to address this and will be offering targeted support, working with our schools, to improve the teaching and learning of key subject areas, particularly mathematics.”

She congratulated the county’s 13 schools with 100 per cent results in English and maths.