Powerful scenes of war at school

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Flame, fire and smoke effects were used to recreated powerful wartime scenes so children at Weston Hills Primary School could experience what it might of been like to live through the blitz.

The We’ll Meet Again mobile museum visited the school for two days to help pupils with their projects on the Second World War by bringing history to life.

Pupils discover what it was like to live during the Second World War.

Pupils discover what it was like to live during the Second World War.

Two ton of WW2 memorabilia was used to transform the hall into a scene from the 1940s and children were able to wear genuine wartime kit.

Paul Britchford, who runs the museum with his wife Linda, said the addition of sensual effects was resulting in some mindblowing feedback.

He said: “It’s already been acclaimed as one of the best teaching resources for stimulating thought and learning.

“It is scarey but the children are able to experience what it was like to live through an air raid and in this country during the Battle of Britain.

“As well as being able to wear genuine kit they also got to handle artefacts.”

An open evening was also held for the community, which was attended by local veterans. Military vehicles were also taken along for people and pupils to look at.

Mr Britchford said: “The school had worked very hard because the Second World War is its special subject this year. The open evening was packed which shows just how important not forgetting the war is to the community.”