Poems of grace and elegance at Spalding Academy

John Hayes presents certificates to Daniela da Costa and Bartek Rak
John Hayes presents certificates to Daniela da Costa and Bartek Rak
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Young poets at Spalding Academy rose to a challenge thrown to them by the area’s MP.

John Hayes, MP until the recent dissolution of parliament, has taken a keen interest in the rapid improvements at the Academy since the arrival of the South Lincolnshire Academy Trust last September.

He recently met with some of the school’s young poets and set them a task of writing poems with the theme of ‘Grace and Elegance’.

Mr Hayes praised the quality of the work which students submitted.

The eventual winner was Steel Bradley, who will enjoy a trip to the Houses of Parliament, and the runners up were Daniela da Costa and Bartek Rak.

The students greatly enjoyed discussing their poetry with Mr Hayes and were impressed with his passion for the subject, even having the opportunity to listen to and discuss some of his own poems.

Steel Bradley

Steel Bradley

Deputy head teacher Mrs Joel said: “We were pleased to welcome Mr Hayes back to the school and would like to thank him for an informative and entertaining afternoon.

“We are grateful for his continuing support of Spalding Academy and its students.”

The Swan by Steel Bradley

Through ripples of crystal water the swans swim, making waves

I am in awe of their grace and how they behave,

As if they know for you they put on an awesome show

Captivating as from one end of the lake to the other they go,

When swans stretch their wings what a powerful sight

Who would think such power is so close to flight,

Their pure white feathers soft, sleek and fine

How I wish I could have a swan and make it mine

Yet they prefer their beauty 
admired from afar

Knowing in this place they are the true star,

Gliding across the water with 
gracious ease

Sublime in their setting not a care do they seize

With feathers that seem too fine to be wet

Magical beauty I cannot forget

May I suggest that you visit at dawn

To meet the majestic, graceful swan.

The busy street of London by Bartak Rak

There is that one street in London

A sleeping lion at night

A roaring lion by day

Like a forest of multiple people

Singing, dancing, preening, 

Buying and even crying

The men in their elegant suits

With hats as high as Big Ben

Ties in all colours and shades

With them, stylish, elegant ladies

In their beautiful dresses

Made up, porcelain faces

The street looks scripted: it’s perfect.

People parade proudly, to be 

Their clothes, their wealth, their status

Welcome to Bond Street

Grace, style, elegance by Daniela da Costa

The scent of jasmine and amber perfume

Consumes the small elegant room.

Dressed in silk and elegant lace,

Shows such beauty, style and grace.

Yet it’s decayed elegance she now embraces,

Entering the room and all she faces.