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Spalding High School's book club. ANL-151118-124759001
Spalding High School's book club. ANL-151118-124759001
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THE HIGH LIFE: By Spalding High School student Holly Stevenson

Blanketed by a wintery coat of rain, Spalding High School’s Year 10 Book Club returned to their hub at Penningtons, this time in search of further discussion over What She Left, by TR Richmond.

A psychological chess game, the book, which focuses on the aftermath of the doomed heroine’s, Alice Salmon, tragic drowning, left students conversing on the key themes brought out by the book.

Dissecting the investigation, the students were able to draw parallels between the use of social media in the book and as teens themselves.

Similarly to the five prior meetings, the group of seven students upheld the tradition of brownies and ice cream as they delved into such a challenging and equally riveting book.

Set in Southampton, the book is a series of diary entries, letters, transcripts of interviews and lists from each of the characters, with the main body of text having been written by Professor Jeremy Cooke, an undoubtedly sinister pensioner infatuated by Alice.

Following the plot, the reader is slowly revealed truth after truth as knowledge grows.

Restarted in April of this year, the Book Club has been an extremely successful endeavour by the students and English teacher, Mrs Rossi, whereby the pupils choose and read a book every month, which is followed by a meeting wherein they discuss and share ideas on the characters, writing style and themes.

Having read two crime-thriller novels in the past book club seminars, the students will next be sharing their favourite articles and pieces by different writers as part of their Christmas meeting in order to develop their writing skills, as all are editors for the school’s newspaper, The High Quarterly.

Following its great success over this year, the Book Club will become an excellent opportunity for the GCSE students to read fiction outside of their set pieces in school.