Parents back school’s plan to grow in 2013

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Moves to expand a popular primary school to cater for more pupils have been welcomed by parents – but a note of caution has been struck over traffic chaos at the school gates.

Westmere Primary School in Sutton Bridge wants to grow from its current 210-pupil roll to 315 over the next few years by increasing its annual intake from 30 to 45 youngsters from September 2013.

A consultation exercise is currently under way by Lincolnshire County Council, which has already received the support of some parents, who say better facilities can only be a positive thing and that the growth is necessary to cater for the growing number of children in Sutton Bridge.

If approved, a planning application to build extra classrooms could follow, with work hopefully completed in time for next September’s intake.

But Sutton Bridge parish councillor Chris Brewis says any application would need to look at access to the school, which is currently through a residential estate.

He said: “I think it can only be a good thing if the school is doing well and needs to expand.

“But there is an issue that the school has really poor access.

“The school was built at a time when not many pupils went by car, but these days the people living down there can hardly move at busy times.

“There are options for providing another access and I will be asking for the issue to be addressed.”

The deadline for comments on the proposal is December 13 and more information is available at