‘Old girl’ speaker tells students ‘be brilliantly you’

Spalding High School'Upper school prizegiving presentation.
Spalding High School'Upper school prizegiving presentation.
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Students were encouraged to “be brilliantly you” at an inspirational prizegiving evening.

Spalding High School’s upper school were treated to a motivational talk by “old girl” Helen Fulcher, who is now a headteacher in Sleaford, before picking up prizes for achievements and academic attainment.

Helen, who left the school in 2002, became a headteacher at the age of 28.

Deputy headteacher Doreen Bamford said: “The message to students was to play to their strengths, be positive, take all the opportunities offered and work hard – then anything is possible.”

Prizes for achievement within the form went to: 9C – Lauren Oglesby; 9J – Lizzie Taylor; 9N Amy Tall; 9P – Katie Nelson; 9S – Katie McLoughlin; 10C – Eleanor Toal; 10J – Rebecca Warren; 10N – Kayesha Coley; 10P – Hannah Greenacre; 10S – Aimee Renton.

Special prizes – KS3 proize for commitment in modern languages – Gemma Clark; Jean McLeod prize for piano – Amy Dougill; Williams prize for music at KS3 – Amy Tall; Old Girls prize for contribution to school life – Mercedes Baxter Chinery, Rebecca Warren; KS3 Mathematics prize – Morgan Agate; KS3 Science Prize – Amy Tall; The Adams Prize for English at KS3 – Amy Tall; Jean McLeod prize for progress in Year 9 – Hannah Darley; Jean McLeod prize for progress in year 10 – Kayesha Coley; PTA prize for outstanding effort across the curriculum – Eleanor Toal; Special prize for most promising scientist – Rebecca Warren; Karen Stanhope Shield for progress in art – Rachel Burton.