No room to sit on school bus – claim

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A mum says she has removed her child from the Spalding to Deepings school bus because she claims it is overcrowded.

On one day, she says her daughter counted 23 children standing and, when the driver braked, all of them fell over.

Now part of a car pool driving four children to school, she said: “It is a ten mile journey to the school on a main road, with speed limits up to 60mph.

“The biggest concern is that it is felt acceptable for children as young as 11 to stand for this distance. A few months ago when they were at primary school they would have had to sit down with a seat belt on.

“Does a child’s life become less valuable when they reach secondary school?”

Anita Ruffle, Lincolnshire County Council’s transport manager, said: “We were aware of an overcrowding issue on the bus at the start of the new school year, so we made a quick decision to move those pupils eligible for free school transport to another bus.

“This service is now used by those pupils not entitled to free school transport to help them get to their school. Recent surveys show that numbers travelling don’t exceed capacity and there are enough seats for everyone. It appears that some children choose to stand instead of using seats upstairs.”