‘More pupils will mean road chaos’

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CONCERNED residents living near to Spalding Primary School fear increasing pupil numbers will lead to more traffic misery.

They say the streets near to the school on Woolram Wygate already become snarled up with parents dropping off and picking up children, leading to near-misses with pedestrians and poor parking.

Their comments have come as Lincolnshire County Council is consulting on proposals to expand the existing school from 420 to 630 pupils instead of building a new one on the Wygate Park development.

Steve Watson, who lives in Woolram Wygate, believes a new school would be the best option for the local community.

He said: “There’s a solid line of cars on the opposite side of the road and side streets are blocked. On a good day it manages to get by but there has been several near misses.”

He added: “Lincolnshire County Council should be making a decision for the next 20, 30 or 40 years but all they are doing is trying to save money in the next couple of years.”

Fred Baker, who also lives near the school, says it only takes the refuse lorry to visit for the street to descend into chaos.

“It’s not the residents who are going to suffer it’s the children,” he said.

Debbie Barnes, assistant director of children’s services, insists another consultation event will be held before any planning application is submitted.

She explained: “If we do go ahead, the impact of extra local pupils attending the school will have to be looked at and key issues such as parking and traffic will need to be considered prior to a planning application being submitted.

“We are already looking at options to improve the situation as we know from local views that this is a very important aspect.”