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Spalding area parents of four and five-year-olds are invited to Morrisons supermarket in Pinchbeck on March 1 to meet the head of the free bilingual primary school planned for the town.

The aim is to present the Department for Education with as much evidence of local need for the school as possible when it considers the proposal from March 4 onwards.

Already parents of 90 children due to start in reception or year one in September 2014 have registered an interest, 30 short of the planned total intake of 120 in the first year.

Carol Clare is the originator of the idea and chief executive of the Phoenix Family of Schools, which is opening its first free school in Boston this September.

She said: “There is a shortage of primary school places in Spalding and we’re proposing not just any new primary school but one that will offer the gift of fluency in another language to enrich education.

“We’d like parents to meet the head Jamile Sherrick and find out more. We need expressions of interest from as many parents as possible to demonstrate demand .”

Senora Sherrick, currently assistant head teacher at the Park School Academy, Boston, where the Phoenix Trust is based, was brought up in a bilingual home and is fluent in four languages.

She said: “We’ll be the first non-fee-paying school in the UK to teach young children all subjects in two languages – Spanish and English.

“The world is so open today that having a second language is a must. Bilingual children’s brains are quicker to learn.”