Making a song and dance about the move to Spalding High School

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Spalding High School’s music department is working with local primary schools to help with the transition from Year Six to Year Seven.

The Transition Project, initiated by the High School’s Richard Garbett, begins in the last term of Year Six, carrying through to the first term of Year Seven, making musical transition flow more easily.

It will also immediately get Year Seven performing a song they already have experience of through the workshops.

The first visit to Spalding Primary was a success, with Mr Garbett saying: “Our first music primary transition workshop went really well at Spalding Primary.

“It was probably as beneficial for the three High School music prefects as for the Year Six girls.”

Spalding Primary Year Six teacher Mrs Searleadded: “The students are so excited about this project and I am over the moon that they will know at least one teacher when they start in September.”

She also highlighted the importance of primary and secondary schools working together to see a smooth transition for the students.

“I only wish more schools offered projects like this to enable the children to feel comfortable when they move up.”

The project was continued with students from Monkshouse Primary School and teacher Mrs Harwood said: “What a fantastic experience for our Year Six children.

“They had the opportunity to impress secondary school pupils and staff with their confidence and musical knowledge.”

Mr Garbett added: “I was impressed by their willingness to sing out and join in and I must admit I was proud to hear them getting fully involved.

“The resulting performance after only 50 minutes was incredible – two-part harmonies, great recall of melodies and rhythmic awareness.

“They all enjoyed the afternoon and were keen to hear what they had achieved. They left singing.”

High School headmistress Michelle Anderson said: “Collaboration of this nature is so very important and not just for the pupils transferring to the High School.

“It not only encourages creativity but also helps pupils feel more confident about transition and the subjects they will study.

“It is also an enormous benefit to our sixth form students; supporting the learning of younger pupils is a wonderful way for them to reinforce their own knowledge and understanding.”


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