Long Sutton’s Peele Community College is embroiled in a fresh row over uniforms

Pupils in uniform that got them into isolation this week.
Pupils in uniform that got them into isolation this week.
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Peele Community College has taken a pasting on social media this week with parents venting their rage over kids being put in isolation for breaching the uniform code.

One fumed: “Rant time ... this school is appalling – 80 children in isolation because they’re wearing ‘the wrong shoes’, even the new starters! They must be petrified... If they are not wearing the right shoes – SPEAK TO THE PARENTS DON’T PUNISH THE KIDS!!!”

The “For sale Sutton Bridge and Long Sutton Only” Facebook site is littered with similar comments, including one parent who says some families bought uniforms from an official school supplier and “it’s still not good enough”.

Headteacher Elizabeth Smith has already accepted that one of the school’s official suppliers was identifying clothing as suitable for the Peele when it actually breached the uniform code.

Mum Suzanne Butcher bought “Rev school trousers” for her daughter Tiegan (14), but ended up collecting Tiegan from isolation on Monday, along with niece Jasmine Rauch (15) who was also penalised for the wrong trousers.

Jasmine was also in isolation for having a handbag, but Miss Smith accepts students should not have been put in isolation for having handbags as it’s not a rule she wants enforced.

Mrs Butcher says lots of girls are wearing the “Rev school trousers” and “they look really smart”.

She challenged staff about Tiegan going into isolation and claims she was told it was because the trousers “were skin tight” and “not up to standard”.

The mum is buying new trousers for Tiegan but says her daughter doesn’t want them to be too baggy as she tried some like that and became really upset.

“She broke my heart,” said Mrs Butcher. “She absolutely sobbed.”

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