Kids on the road to safety know-how at Gosberton

Road safety adviser Kay Tayman with Gosberton pupils.
Road safety adviser Kay Tayman with Gosberton pupils.
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Children at Gosberton Primary Academy learned about road signs and picked up some vital road safety know-how when they hosted a special visitor.

Kay Tayman, from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, visited the school to help children understand the dangers posed by using our roads – and how to keep themselves safe.

John Siddle, spokesman for the partnership, said similar work is done in schools across Lincolnshire.

He said: “Nobody wants to hear the news of a child getting knocked over.

“We know parents do usually show their children how to cross the road but we just want to make sure that every child fully understands how to cross the road safely, how to play safely and what to do around parked cars – particularly never cross the road in between parked cars.

“These are the building blocks for what we are trying to get across right throughout the rest of their lives.”

He says the key safety messages are all the more vital because our roads become busier each year with a one per cent increase in the amount of traffic.

• In November a campaign was launched for a pedestrian crossing to be installed outside the school after a boy suffered a swollen lip when clipped by a vehicle’s wing mirror.