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The High Life by Spalding High School students

GCSE Art provides students with an opportunity to express and personify emotions; a concept that has been pioneered by both traditional and contemporary artists.

Year Ten students, currently in their first year of their artistic studies, were submerged among a miscellany of contemporary artwork at the Saatchi Gallery to inspire this upcoming generation of artists.

With the aims of the gallery to introduce forthcoming artists, this provided students with an insight into the innovation of modern art.

Their visit took place on Friday and students were encouraged to explore the gallery in search for work that is suitable for their desired topic.

The inspiration advocated through the work is then developed by the students who will adopt creative methods that have been incorporated within their studied piece.

Artistic approaches used by the professionals can then be manipulated by our own prospective artists for their final coursework pieces that will contribute to their final GCSE exam grade.

The Saatchi Gallery provides the ideal location for such studies as the students are offered an unparalleled exploration through contemporary artwork.

Features within the gallery include an installation called ‘Body Language’, sculptures from the renowned Richard Wilson in addition to some work from future artistic talents.

This diverse range of styles and subjects offers an array of topics for students to study which can then be drawn upon in their reflective journals.

This enriching opportunity was wholly enjoyed by the students and has readily inspired their prospects within the subject which will maintain the resounding success of Spalding High School’s art department.

Many thanks to Liz Kelleher and Lucy Neale for organising the trip and supporting students with all their endeavours.

School’s annual language day

Hola! Bonjour! Guten Tag! It was a day of diversity for the year nine students on Friday as they delved into a foreign world for the annual Languages Day. The day offered an array of activities which allowed the pupils to explore the diversity of language outside of the curriculum.

This highly informative day offers insight into the dialect of countries that are not covered under the title ‘Modern Foreign Languages’, providing students with a well-rounded outlook on the world, fulfilling the aim of the day and diverting them away from the preconception that English is a universal language.