Insane? No, Spalding teachers are just charitable

Spalding High School's 'Insane Terrain' teachers ANL-150710-120443001
Spalding High School's 'Insane Terrain' teachers ANL-150710-120443001
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THE HIGH LIFE: By Spalding High School student Holly Stevenson

Running five kilometres may seem daunting on its own. However for a group of teachers at Spalding High School, who undertook the Insane Terrain challenge, it came with continuous obstacles and a somewhat perplexingly vast amount of mud, writes HOLLY STEVENSON.

Completing all of the obstacles gave me an overwhelming sense of achievement

Teacher Mrs French

Raising money for The Garth School in Spalding, a school for children with severe learning difficulties, the team of ten overcame numerous mountains of hay bales, tarpaulin bridges over ditches, swamps, netting and undulating pools of mud equipped with hidden trenches as part of the gruelling, hour-long event.

Whilst it was a great physical and mental challenge, the positive effects of taking part in such a rewarding day were clear to see on faces, and it is apparent that this is an experience the teachers are not likely to forget.

Speaking on her favourite moments, Mrs French said: “Completing all of the obstacles gave me an overwhelming sense of achievement. I would encourage others to do the Insane Terrain.”

She and her team, comprised not only of teachers but their partners also, had never laughed so much in their lives.

Mrs Waldron, an RE teacher at the school, said: “I would definitely encourage others to do it; it was great teamwork.”

Whilst most who participated in the event were fearing it to be far too challenging prior to their run, it became overt as they took part that working as a team filled it with hilarity and took away the fear.

Enriching for all that took part, the Insane Terrain challenge is certainly one that the teachers will take with them forever, and The Garth School shall thrive with not only the charity of the teachers from Spalding High School but the team of those from The Garth who also took part.