Gosberton Clough and Risegate Community Primary School’s defibrillator is for whole community

Pictured, from left, are Julie Gooderson (parent), Justine Bowers (chair of governors), Carrie Hazlehurst (teacher) and Rob Birkin from EMAS who delivered in-school training.

Just over a year ago, Clough and Risegate Community Primary School launched an appeal for a community defibrillator, to benefit the school and its community.

Fundraising went from strength to strength with many parents and residents being very generous, meaning that the order was placed.

The defibrillator is now in place, located on the school wall outside the main office and was generously installed by Bakkavor, whose involvement was organised by parent Julie Gooderson.

Special thanks also to Emma Walters who assisted the school in getting the project off the ground and getting the defibrillator registered with EMAS.

Should any member of the local community need the defibrillator, they would be required to ring 999 still and ask for an ambulance.

The call taker would then instruct someone to fetch the defib if the patient’s condition indicated they needed it or could potentially need it.

The call taker would direct them to the nearest defib on the system as well as providing the code.

There is still some money left over from fundraising that will go towards the defibrillator’s upkeep and donations for this are still welcome.

These can be given into the school office.

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