Gleed head: Discipline problems are nothing major

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THE headteacher of a newly-merged school that began the new term on a wave of optimism with a £750,000 remodelling has denied rumours it is besieged with discipline problems.

Janet Daniels, head of Sir John Gleed School, describes the general behaviour as “good”.

“That’s not to say there are not pockets of behaviour that are unacceptable but we are dealing with that,” she said.

There has been criticism of the school through letters to the press and on social media websites, but Mrs Daniels says she has an “open door” so teachers can approach her with any concerns – and parents can do the same by appointment.

The 1,300 pupils at the merged boys’ and girls’ schools are getting used to a remodelled school and new teachers.

Mrs Daniels added: “What we are seeing is some excellent learning in a calm environment and the school is doing very well.”

The remodelling saw two schools become one and created bigger classrooms, dedicated IT suites, three food outlets and new toilets for girls.

Boys continued to use a former toilet block on the old boys’ school site for the first few weeks while new toilets were completed.

Hair and beauty students, who start learning the twin subjects at the age of 14, will have their own dedicated room but in the meantime are using a classroom and the salon at the Post-16 Centre.

The school has also just opened a wing to support children who find mainstream education difficult.