‘Get off your bum and do something’ call to parents

Lesa Jeffery with her daughter Leah Pitts-Jeffery and Daniel Briston. Photo:SG140313-143TW
Lesa Jeffery with her daughter Leah Pitts-Jeffery and Daniel Briston. Photo:SG140313-143TW
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Parents of children at a school where questions have been raised about discipline are being told to “get off their bums” and do something about it.

Lesa Jeffery, who has a daughter in Year 8 at the Sir John Gleed School says negative publicity the school has received recently is having an adverse impact on pupils and is hoping to set up a parent and friends’ association to counter the “down in the dumps” attitude some have towards the new academy.

The mum claims the bad attitude towards the school by some parents is rubbing off on their children and giving them an excuse to behave badly and blame it on teachers.

Lesa said: “The school has just become a mixed sex school and there are bound to be some teething troubles.

“The Gleed does have some problems, but so do most secondary schools.

“But parents need to take some responsibility, especially for things like pupils smoking – I believe teachers should be in the classroom teaching and not chasing round trying to stop pupils smoking.

“At the moment, with parents saying all these negative things it just becomes a free for all for children to do the same.

“They need to be able to take pride in their school and that’s why I want to set up a PFA, to forge links and create a positive atmosphere.

“Instead of sitting at home moaning parents need to get off their bums and do something.”

Lesa is hoping the first meeting of the new PFA will take place after Easter and has the support of headteacher Janet Daniels.

Mrs Daniels has come under fire in recent months after parents contacted The Lincolnshire Free Press with stories of discipline problems.

One parent Rebecca Thirkell has asked Ofsted to investigate her concerns and last Tuesday we reported how 14-year-old Jamie Brown lost teeth after he was assaulted in school.

But Mrs Daniels has said she is confident the school is heading in the right direction.

She said: “Mrs Jeffery understands the journey we are on and how we are dealing with the issues.

“Like the majority of parents, she has been disappointed that a minority want to create such a negative impression of the school, rather than working with us to make it even better.

“I have had numerous letters and comments from parents supporting the school and the work we do to provide their children with a good education.

“I look forward to working with Mrs Jeffery as we set up a new PFA, which is such a positive way to support the school.

“I am very grateful to her and the other parents who are willing to give up their time to offer practical support.”

To get involved in the new PFA contact the school or Lesa by email at lesajeffery@btinternet.com