GCSE RESULTS: round-up of results from South Holland schools

Lily Gray celebrates her super results at Bourne Grammar with her mum.
Lily Gray celebrates her super results at Bourne Grammar with her mum.
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Teenagers all over South Holland will be collecting their GCSE results this morning.

This year sees the introduction of a new 9 to 1 grading system in maths and English, with an A equivalent to a 7, while a C is anchored at the bottom of a grade 4.

Ellie Crick was a top performer at Thomas Cowley High, Donington.

Ellie Crick was a top performer at Thomas Cowley High, Donington.

The reason for introducing three bands - 7 to 9 - instead of just A* and A at the top end - was to give more detail about the highest-achieving candidates, say the Government.

There were celebrations aplenty at Spalding Grammar, where results were up 7.5 per cent on last year, including 42 per cent of the results being at A and A* - just one per cent fewer than the school’s best performance in 2015.

A whopping 95 per cent of pupils obtained five or more GCSEs at A*, while 57 per cent received seven or more A* grades.

In English and maths, 96 per cent of pupils received grade 4 or higher.

Students at Peele Community College collect their results.

Students at Peele Community College collect their results.

Delighted headteacher Steven Wilkinson said: “Historically, the school has had A-Levels going up, but GCSEs coming down, but this year they have managed to get both up.”

Five years since they joined Bourne Grammar as the first expanded intake, the Year 11 students are celebrating some wonderful GCSE results.

Some 178 students achieved 58 grade 9 passes, 148 at grade 8 or better and 287 at grade 7 or better. Overall, 48 students achieved at least one grade 9, eight students obtained two or more grade 9 passes and Adam Jordan achieved an astonishing hat-trick of three grade 9 passes.

In traditional grading, 37 students achieved all A* or A grades. Four students achieved seven A* grades, 14 were awarded six or seven A* grades

Summer Rostron, one of the top achievers at Peele Community College.

Summer Rostron, one of the top achievers at Peele Community College.

and 23 students obtained five or more A* grades.

At Spalding High, 99 per cent of pupils received a Grade 4 or higher in English - up on last year’s results - while 95 per cent scored the same in maths, with 94 per cent receiving Grade 4 or higher in both subjects.

Just less than half (49 per cent) the pupils obtained all exams at A*, A or Grade 7-9 - up four per cent on 2016.

Headteacher Michele Anderson said: “We are very pleased with the GCSE results that our Year 11 students have achieved this year. The great majority of them will be returning to the high school in September to take up A-Level courses.”

At Thomas Cowley High in Donington, headteacher Ian Dawson was pleased with his pupils’ results, but not the way the new grading system had been introduced.

He said: “We are delighted with the results, in particular maths and English with the new gradings. Staff will be as well, as they have been working blind with no previous papers, so they have done themselves extremely proud and thanks also the hard work of staff to make sure today is a happy one.”

Some 68 per cent of pupils received Grades 4-9 in English and Ellie Crick was a star performer, receiving one A*, four As, two 7s, one 6, two Bs and a Distinction. She hopes to go to Spalding High School to study biology, psychology and history A-Levels.

At The Deepings School, students securing standard passes (C grade equivalent or above) in both English and Mathematics rose by 15 per cent to 60 per cent, while English results improved by 15 per cent to 77 per cent. In mathematics, there was an improvement of 11 per cent to 63 per cent.

Richard Lord, head teacher of the Deepings School, was very pleased: “A tremendous amount of work and effort has gone into preparing for these new style examinations and the manner in which students and staff have approached the challenge has been really commendable.

“The support of parents and carers along the way has also been vital because we know that this makes a truly positive impact. I only joined the school last September and appreciate that we introduced many swift, decisive and, most importantly, sustainable changes. These results represent a significant improvement and are the best in the last four years.”

Amongst the high flyers were Bailie Harrison (six A*, one A, two 9 and one 8); Harriet Norris (seven A*, one 9, one 8 and one 7); Emily Taylor (four A*, one A, two 9 and one 8) and Julia Iftimie (three A*, two A, two 8s and one 9).

Spalding Academy increased their pass rate by an astonishing 20 per cent, much to the delight of executive headteacher Laurence Reilly.

And two pupils notched up grade 9s - Lucy Doubleday in English literature and Andrei Zaharia in maths.

Mr Reilly said: “It is a fantastic set of results - way beyond what we could have hope for.”

Pupils were greeted with a banner at the school when they went to collect their results, declaring proudly that they were the school’s best-ever cohort.

Harley Brown was the star performer at University Academy Holbeach with 9s in maths, English language and English literature.

The school achieved the equivalent of a 51 per cent pass rate receiving five or more A*-C grades, including English and maths.

There was a 100 per cent pass rate across the board. In biology (86 per cent), physics and chemistry, all results were in the 80 per cent range.

In triple science, all pupils received A* or A in Peele Community College’s strongest subject result.

There was an increase in the number of students reaching the top grades including English and maths at the Long Sutton school and an increase in the school’s ‘Value Added’ measure, indicating pupils did better than they were predicted.

Summer Rostron was one of the top achievers, with three A*, two As and five Bs.

Bourne Academy celebrated another successful set of GCSE results, with 66 per cent achieving five GCSE grades C or above (including grade 4 in English and mathematics).

Executive Headteacher Laurence Reilly said: “We are pleased to match our record results of 2016 in the light of the more challenging replacement of letter grades with the new 1 to 9 system in English and mathematics, including the removal of the coursework element in English, with terminal examinations presenting more of a challenge to candidates.”

Tom Green received five A*s and four As, Jack Lewis five A*s and three As, Ethan Barnett four A*s and three As, Becky Robinson two A*s and five As, Luke Dudley two A*s and five As, Miguel Belmonte one A* and seven As and Isabel Tooze seven As.

Boston College students are celebrating after gaining English, maths and biology GCSEs.

Trudi Sohngen, achieved a B in biology and a 5 in maths. Trudi said, “I really enjoyed my time at Boston College and after taking a break from learning I decided to take my GCSEs as I needed them to gain entry at Bishop Grosseteste University. The hard work has paid off and I am now going onto study my PGCE with the aim of becoming a teacher.”

Katie Maddison gained a 4 in maths and said: “After not gaining the GCSE maths result I needed at secondary school, I decided to re-sit at Boston College. I am so pleased I took this opportunity.