Fringe Friday fun and tea party budgeting at Spalding High School

Poppy Gill's Fringe Friday dance routine
Poppy Gill's Fringe Friday dance routine
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Spalding High School students had an action-packed lunch hour for Fringe Friday.

The day is a celebration of the arts at the school and an 
opportunity to explore them through activities whilst encouraging participation with the wider school in a festival-style vibe.

Class 7J held a Teddy Bears' picnic.

Class 7J held a Teddy Bears' picnic.

Pupils are able to take part by performing and displaying work or taking part in workshops.

The theme for this Fringe Friday was reading and pupils constructed events based around storytelling.

Pupils were able to listen to stories, share extracts from their favourite novels and take part in many other activities related to reading, covering a range of art forms including art, music, dance and drama.

It was a chance for students to realise the creative potential that reading provides when developing exciting, innovative and a diverse range of creative outcomes.

Head of Drama Tanwen Fisk said: “Fringe Friday is always a popular event and the pupils enjoy taking part and engaging with the arts.”

• On the same day, Year 7 students found a fun way to learn about personal finance in their PSHCE lessons.

Each of the five forms were given a £15 budget which was donated by the school from fundraising activities that have taken place across the year. 

The brief was to organise a tea party for 30 people, complete with food, drink and entertainment. They researched the best way of getting value for money and the purchasing power of bulk discounts.

When faced with a choice of spending some of their precious budget on entertainment, or providing it themselves for free, they were inventive about how they could still have fun on a budget.

Out came the Twister, Stick-in- the-mud, Stomp and other games. Themes for the tea parties ranged from the classic Teddy Bear picnic through to Minions, with each form embracing their theme.

They even saved enough money to have some left over to donate to the school’s sixth form Malawi expedition team, who will be completing a series of challenges over a month this summer taking part in community and charity projects there.

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