Flower power at the chapel!

Team Delta
Team Delta
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Holbeach Cemetery Chapels

will become a cafe and a flower shop - thanks to a brainwave from ingenious Year 6 pupils at Holbeach Primary Academy.

The Bosses

The Bosses

In a three-day heritage project with the chapels, the youngsters first learned about the buildings and their history before looking forward and considering how the chapels could be regenerated and refurbished as public buildings.

They were split into teams and each group had to make a model of their vision for the chapel buildings.

On the first day of the course, Ian Marshman from Heritage Lincolnshire showed pupils the different parts of the building and the problems that it faces more than 160 years after it was built.

Back at school on day two, the pupils worked in groups to discuss how they would like to see the chapels used in the future.

They built models to present their ideas and wrote presentations which were pitched on the third day.

Ideas included a sweetshop and cafe, a museum and cafe, a cafe with fun area, a gym with healthy food shop and the flower shop plan.

The entries were judged by chair of governors Jenny Worth, Coun Nick Worth, project administrator Katie Edwards and Heritage Lincolnshire’s Ian Marshman.

The Bosses won ‘Best Idea’, Team Delta had ‘Best Teamwork’, while Rainbow Squid won ‘Best Model’.

All the models will be be displayed in shops around Holbeach.

• Year 6 pupils Polly Elkin and Bobbi Beaumont wrote a report on the project, which we will publish on our website - www.spaldingtoday.co.uk