End of term barbecue by and for pupils

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STUDENTS at Long Sutton’s Peele Community College spent a morning preparing homemade treats for their end of year celebration barbecue.

The year nine students all achieved a Btec First certificate in cooking under the Jamie Oliver programme.

Every Thursday they were tutored by assistant headteacher Simon Gilman in the basics of food hygiene and how to make tasty homemade food from scratch.

Over the year, they have produced soup, bread, cakes and cookies, and mouthwatering main courses.

Mr Gilman said: “The students had to organise a barbecue as part of their final assessment.

“They used all their skills in making rolls and different salads, but they enjoyed most of all making the burgers from scratch. We also produced chicken in three different marinades.

“The other year nine Btec groups have also been involved as the engineering group under the guidance of Iain Smith, leader in DT, put the barbecue together, and the horticulture group were responsible for producing some of the salad ingredients.

“It was great that the rain stopped just as we were about to serve up. Parents and carers were invited to sample the barbecue specialities, and to see what skills the students had developed over the year.”