Eight trikes donated to Crowland pre-school

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Eight bikes have been given to a pre-school in Crowland after a parent decided to take fundraising into his own hands.

Ashley Davis, a father of two, raised the money to provide Abbey 345 with the new trikes after being inspired by their annual fundraising event.

Around £200 was raised through bake sales and car washes by Ashley and his colleagues at Direct Care Limited.

Ashley, said: “It’s good to give back, to be involved with the community and to see that the children have nice things to enjoy.”

Early Years manager Kathy Crouch said: “They were all very excited. They wanted to leap on them straight away and pedal off and had to be pursuaded to pose on them instead but then they got the chance to use them since.

“They came in kit form and parents helped to put them together.

“We all thought it was very sweet that he went back to where he worked, proud by the amount of money we had raised, and then they decided to do something extra off their own backs.

“This year we had a sponsored event and I had my mind on a rather special outdoor reading room and the reveal will come when it’s made. That’s the aim. We’ve had our sponsored event in Easter, we did an obstacle course. Running, pushing round tyres. It was quite funny because they’re so diddy and it’s lovely because of the looks of concentration of their faces, they get so enthused. So far we’ve raised around £650.”