E-petition against academies decision

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A SAVE Lincolnshire Schools campaign has been launched opposing the county’s stance on school academies.

Following Lincolnshire County Council’s recent decision to encourage all schools to become academies under a trust run by CfBT, a group of concerned residents have set up the protest which includes an e-petition calling for a public consultation on the policy.

A spokesman for Save Lincolnshire School said: “They want to avoid debate. We want them to take it out to the people of Lincolnshire. It is the demoncratic thing to do.”

Campaigners are calling for wider consultation because they claim encouraging schools to become academies is a “privatisation” of education, which removes democratic control and accountability.

The statement accompanying the e-petition says: “We believe this is misjudged and ill-informed.

“In its haste to save money the excutive of LCC has made a reckless decision that needs proper scruting and full public consultation.

“We believe that only through an informed, open and public debate can a way forward be found that meeds the educational needs of children in the county.

The e-petition can be found at http://epetitionslincoln shire.firmstep.com/peti tions/save-our-schools