Down on the farm for Bicker pupils

Bicker Preparatory School ANL-160206-160514001
Bicker Preparatory School ANL-160206-160514001
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Year 5 and 6 pupils at Bicker Preparatory School enjoyed a residential stay at Rand Farm near Lincoln just before half term.

They worked with Dennetts Ice Cream to learn how the business started after the first world war, and how ice-cream making has changed over the years.

The children also enjoyed a workshop on rare breeds of sheep. They saw a spinning wheel and learned how to card sheep’s wool to get out all the knots.

This short residential stay happens every two years at Bicker, where they are keen children should understand that they are growing up in a rural county.

The trip helps them to appreciate where their own fruit, vegetables and meat come from and they also work with the animals, milking cows, feeding calves and mucking out pens.

Class teacher Wendy Bell said: “As well as finding out about agriculture, the children learn to become more independent as they look after their own belongings and organise themselves into groups to clean out the various animals on the farm.