Cowbit pupils rise to challenge

Cowbit St Mary's Primary School pupils celebrate success. SG190614-137TW
Cowbit St Mary's Primary School pupils celebrate success. SG190614-137TW
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Cowbit St Mary’s Primary School youngsters were celebrating after coming second in their category in the Lincolnshire Show’s Schools’ Challenge.

Headteacher Hilary Brewster said the children had been tasked with reducing the school’s carbon footprint for the challenge.

The youngsters grew their own vegetables and sold them in the village to buy a meter and as a result of having that the electricity bill was cut by 18 per cent in six months.

Hilary said: “They took over the school for a day to see how much energy we wasted and put things in place to reduce our energy bills and our carbon footprint.

“They have had an impact on the school but also they have managed to have an impact on their homes because parents are seeing their bills are reduced as well.

“The children know a lot more about energy useage so they are going to make decisions with the school governors about what we do next.

“We haven’t got a boiler – it’s all electric storage heaters – and that’s where a lot of cost is going, so they bought a timer so it doesn’t stay on all night.

“I am very proud. They worked really hard and they deserve it for the hard work.”

• Holbeach Primary School also competed in the Schools’ Challenge with a phenomenal display based on work undertaken as part of Project Potato.