Communities ‘talking’ after social event in Spalding

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A celebration of South Holland’s diverse communities has taken place in Spalding tonight.

The Connecting Communities event at Springfields Events Centre was organised by Lincolnshire County Council, South Holland District Council and the EU Integration Centre CIC, based in Abbey Path and headed by Polish-born Diana Gajek.

Diana said: “It’s important people from different communities help each other, get to know each other and have a nice time.”

Police were among agencies present offering help and advice. Insp Jim Tyner was delighted with the response,

He said: “Different communities are talking. Events like this celebrate the differences we have but also what we have in common.”

The event took place on Friday evening - two days before an anti-immigration protest in Spalding on Sunday. But it was not planned that way. Diana said: “It’s just a co-incidence, but I think the timing is perfect.”