Best ever results at Bourne’s Robert Manning College

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HIGHEST-ever A-level results are being celebrated at Bourne’s Robert Manning Technology College.

HIGHEST-ever A-level results are being celebrated at Bourne’s Robert Manning Technology College.

And principal Laurence Reilly has put the success down to a greater focus on the level of support given to Year 13 students.

He said: “We have been rewarded by a record set of results in terms of the average points score achieved by our A-level students.”

Out of 21 subjects offered at A-level at the college, 16 of them achieved a 100 per cent pass rate.

The college was also extremely pleased with a 100 per cent pass rate in its first ever Level 3 Diploma courses in Business Diploma and Information Technology courses.

And Mr Reilly said there were many “pleasing” individual performances, including an A* in psychology for Hannah Howman, together with her A grade in biology and B in mathematics.

Ali Russell also managed an A* grade in sociology and Amy Laidlaw achieved A grades in maths and business studies and Bs in psychology and sport studies.

Mr Reilly said: “These results show the consistently high quality of teaching across our sixth form.

“I am proud of our students and grateful to our staff for their hard work.”

RESULTS: Key: B - biology, BS - business studies, C - chemistry, DTF - design technology Food Technology, DTPD - design technology product design, DTT - design technology textiles, EL - English literature, EA - expressive arts, FA - fine art, GS - general studies, G - geography, GER - German, HS - health and social care, HSD - Health and social care double; H - history, IT - information technology (voc), L - law, M - mathematics, MF - further mathematics, ME - Media film and TV studies, MU - music, P - physics, PY - psychology, RS - religious studies, SO - sociology, SP - sport/PE, ITDIP - IT diploma, BUSDIP - business diploma

*indicates grade A, ** indicates A*

A-LEVELS: Burrows Joseph B GS H PY; Callcutt Matthew GS G IT M; Clarke Alistair B EL GS PY; Cliffe Leanne FA BUSDIP; Crawley Rebecca GS HS PY SO; Curtis Rosie B GS PY SP; Dash Sophie GS ME PY SO; Denning Natasha EL GS G GER; Dixon Kate GS G PY SP; Dodsworth Lidia EA GS HS ME; Duffy Matthew B C GS M PY; Edwards Oliver BS GS SO SP; Evans David B C GS* P; Fearns Emily BS EL HS; Field Rachel EL GS G PY SO*; Gabbitus Kieran EA ME PY; Gandy Jack B GS G M; Gosney Matthew BS GS ME SO; Gunthorp James BS DTPD GS SP; Harris Jamie FA GS ME P; Hart Charlotte DTT GS HS PY; Henson Laura B FA GS PY; Heskin Robert B C M; Hilliam-Cooke Rosie DTT EL GS SO; Housden Lauren EA GS BUSDIP; Howard Elizabeth ME ITDIP; Howman Hannah B* GS M PY**; Hunt Aimee EA ME; Johnson Andrew GS BUSDIP; Knowles Aimee EL GS IT ME; Laidlow Amy BS* GS M* MF PY SP; Lane Jade BUSDIP; Lannigan Richard DTPD GS IT M; Law Sam GS ITDIP; Ledger Hannah BS EL GS HS; Magill Christopher BS GS ME SP; Marshall Jack BS EL GS ME; Mason Edward GS M MU P; Mawer Charlotte EA GS ITDIP; Morris Daniel GS IT M P; Newnham Amie EL GS PY SO; Nicholson Corrina BS GS HS SO; Penney Alice BS DTF GS PY; Powell Megan GS HS PY; Powell Richard B GS PY SP; Price Tom B GS* G M* MF SP; Rae Catriona B GS M SP; Roberts Isobel B GS G SP; Robinson Benjamin B* C GS G M ; Robinson Jessica B GS HS PY; Roe Nathan DTPD EL GS G ME; Russell Ali EL GS PY SO**; Sargent Dean ME ITDIP; Schiavi Danieli B GS ME SP; Shawley Jack ITDIP; Sismey Ryan GS PY SP; Slater Alistair GS P PY SP; Smith Abigail EA GS BUSDIP; Smith James BS GS IT M; Smith Molly GS M PY SP; Spain Edward DTPD FA ME; Spencer Thomas ME; Strutt Robert BS GS G SP; Swinn Matthew GS G IT ME; Towers Daniel BS FA ME; Tyler Christopher ME ITDIP; Vidler-Green Dominic ITDIP; Wade Joe BS GS ME; Webster Alice DTF EA GS HS; Whitehead Margaret SO ITDIP; Wright Harri G ME MU.

AS-LEVELS: Allsopp Rosie B C GS L M; Bailey Shannon B C GS M PY; Baseley Laura EL GS HSD; Bates Amy PY; Bentley Robert ME; Blanchard Harriette EL ME; Boyall Arjan BS EL GS ME; Bryan Elizabeth HSD PY; Cejer Richard BS EL GS MU; Clulow Sam GS G* SO* SP; Dakin Gemma EL* GS H PA PY; Davies Evan B P; Dench James GS G SO; Donley Tom B EL G; Doe Shelby GS HSD; Doyle Luke EL GS L RS; Doyle Ryan BS EL GS PY; Dube Bongeka DTT SO; Duell Liam GS; Durham Steph GS ME; Ede Jacob GS ME PY SP; Etherton Laura EL GS HS SO; Ewen Harvey EL GS ME* PY; Firth Ashley BS GS ME SP; Fisher Sophie GS HSD PY; Fleming Ryan GS ME PY SP; Fox Jake B; Freeman Sophie HSD PA; Granville-Johnson Hayley EL GS PY SO*; Green Liam EL GS L SO; Griffith Kirsty EL GS ME; Hale Amy EL FA H ME; Hammond Matthew C GS M P; Handley Kirstie DTPD PA RS; Harding Joe ME; Harford Jodie EL GS RS; Harris William ME; Hart Declan FA ME*; Hasler Guy BS GS ME; Higgins Ben PY; Hirschfeld Ben EL H PY RS; Holden Samantha EL SO; Huggins Gabrielle GS HSD PA; Jackson Callum BS ME; Johnson Monet EL FA GS H; Jones Rhiannon BS GS M P; King Amy DTPD FA GS ME* PY; Lawrance Peter PY; Ledger Peter ME; Lewis Kieran PY SO; Lovesey Katherine EL GS HS ME; Mason Tara HS; McArd Lydia EL GS G H SO*; McAvoy Lauren GS HSD PA PY; McQueen Alex EL GS G PA; Mellor Thomas BS GS H M; Millicheap Nathan B C FA P; Montgomery James GS G PY; Morris Duncan B G ME; Muddiman Steven DTPD GS PA; Munton Daniel GS ME; Newland Abby DTPD FA GS ME; Nunn Ellie GS HSD PA; Olver Tom BS DTPD GS M P; Parperis Zoe DTT FA GS PY; Pattison Katie B C GS PA PY; Payne Jordan BS SO; Peacock Thomas B GS PY SP; Pell George EL ME; Phillips Emma GS H ME PY; Pick Bridie HSD; Pickard Jack BSGS ME* PY; Pinchin Kelly DTPD GS ME MU; Pinchin Zak DTPD ME*; Rivett Courteney EL HS; Roberts Luke B C GS PA PY; Robertson Thomas C GS H M P; Robinson Alison EL GS RS SO; Sarfas Amy DTT GS ME PY; Scrimshaw Hannah DTPD FA GS M P; Shrosbree Mark BS GS M SP; Sisask Robert BS GS SO; Slipper Robert B GS M PY; Smith Dylan B EL FA; Stevens Elena B M RS; Storey Darren SO; Stretton Rebecca BS DTT PY; Tamplin Leah EL GS G PA; Taylor Gabrielle BC GS M PY; Thorold Isobel B GS HS PY; Tilley Rose B EL FA GS; Turner Hannah DTT GS HSD PY; Walder Charlotte PY SO; Ward Hannah HS SO; Wenham Bethany B GS PY; Wesley Ryan B GS G L; Whincop Joshua ME; Willcox Rebekah GS G ME; Wilson Holly EL GS PA PY; Winship Rebecca BS DTT PY; Woolsey Lilian HSD; Wright Jacob EL GS ME; Wright Michael GS G SO.