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Spalding’s two Grammar Schools had a ball when they came together for a charity netball evening. The High School’s notorious girls team challenged some less netball-orientated Spalding Grammar boys to raise money for their Spanish netball tour next year.

Taking charge of the game from the Spalding High School side came the only year 11 student on the court, Olivia Childs, who got the night off to a great start, scoring four goals within the first half.

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This was followed by a come-back goal from Ryan Plant for the Spalding Grammar School squad.

After a productive break in the game and solid managing skills from the Grammar School’s Andi Williams, the Grammar’s team came fighting back with goal attack Archie Bobbins scoring their second goal of the game.

This was soon counteracted by Spalding High School and their star goal attack Olivia Childs, leading the game to end on a high for the girls at 5-2.

As guests of the High School, the Grammar boys were invited to compete with Spalding High teachers.

Full of enthusiasm and determination, the boys brought the evening to their advantage with Ryan Plant scoring three goals within the first half. Attacking from the opposing team, PE teacher Miss Smith attempted to take the game with their first goal, sadly with too little time, bringing the final score to 3-1 to the Grammar School squad.

The girls of Spalding High eventually took on their own teachers, giving the boys a well-deserved rest from their introduction to netball. Giving a strong fight from both sides, the girls defended splendidly, until the teachers soon found a weak spot. Focusing on taking down their students, the teachers broke the girls down and won 4-2.

After the tie-breaking game Spalding High School’s team remained victorious with a 2-0 win. Both teams had amazing characters within them, including specifically consistent goal scorers in Olivia Childs, Ryan Plant and Archie Bobbins.

Two particular team members stood out through the entirity of the evening; Woman of the match for the High team was given to Fiona Barrs, and Ali Morgan took man of the match for the Grammar squad. Both defended brilliantly and kept spirits high on and off the court, leading to an impressive and successful night for all.