Are school holidays driving you mad?

Summer and Yasmin Exton.
Summer and Yasmin Exton.
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It’s said to be the most boring week of the school holidays.

According to a new study, children find the fourth week of the six-week long holidays the most boring because they start to miss seeing their school friends every day.

The study also revealed how tensions in the house are at an all time high as 58 per cent of mums feel “stressed to breaking point”.

Three out of four parents among 2,000 who took part in another survey wished the school holidays were just four weeks long – saying they are left exhausted and out of pocket by the end of them.

Across the long break, parents face an average of 48 cries of “I’m bored”, 24 temper tantrums, four hours stuck in traffic – and only three lie-ins.

But how are families in South Holland enjoying the holidays? Do they think they are too long or do they treasure every minute?

The Spalding Guardian chatted to parents visiting Tuesday’s market and found most were having a fabulous time – especially one family from Scunthorpe on holiday at a campsite in Sutton St Edmund because “it seemed a nice area with plenty to do”.

Jason Preston and Faye Norman were enjoying exploring Spalding with their children Ella (5) and Jacob (8).

Mr Preston said: “We love it. It’s one of those places we’ve heard about but only seen on the signpost when we’ve been on our way to Hunstanton.

“There’s a lot more here to keep us occupied than in Scunthorpe.”

For children who do find amusing themselves more difficult, the holiday clubs are proving a big success.

Danielle Parkin, organiser of the Spalding Holiday Club, said it had been an action-packed few weeks so far.

She said: “The feedback we’ve received from parents has been very good.

“Every day we have run a different theme and the children have gone home happy with something they have made.”